Kogan Down, Not Out – New Agora Design and Netbook on the Way

It would be right about now that the second Android handset, the Agora Pro, would be making its way throughout the world to the homes of those who pre-ordered it.  Unfortunately, an almost 11th hour situation arose and Kogan was forced to shelve the phone. But don’t count the Australian company out just yet.

Not only is Ruslan Kogan going back and redesigning the Agora handset, but he’s also got a netbook that’s allegedly only weeks from release! Check out the article on apcmag.com for a recap on the recent events as well as a look into the future of the company’s plans.  Kogan also makes GPS units, so it would not surprise us to see them do their own version of an Android GPS.

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  • chefgon

    I’m really interested to see what changes on the revised version of the Argora. The most common theory I’ve heard is that the resolution was too low, but I’m reluctant to believe that Google is really planning on eliminating QVGA support from Android. Especially since Android is supposed to (eventually) be supported in Blackberry style devices with no touch screen, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to bottom out at HVGA.

  • John

    An Android netbook would be interesting. Especially if it’s a convertible/swivel screen design.

    9″ or less screen size (no more than 10″x8″)
    Convertible Tablet Swivel Screen
    Wifi, obviously
    PCI Express Mini Card, or built in EDGE/HSPA with T-Mobile-USA or AT&T 3G bands
    1GB or more RAM
    Options for 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB internal Flash/SSD
    1 or 2 Full Size SDHC card slots
    USB for Keyboard, Mouse, Storage, maybe Wireless Modems/Cards
    Micro-DVI-I out (or Apple’s new mini display port thing)
    A version of the web browser that identifies itself as a desktop client, so you get full Gmail, Google Reader, Google Docs, etc. and not the watered down semi-mobile versions. (not sure how you could deliver BOTH the mobile and the non-mobile versions, but that’d be ideal; but the best would be if Google just added features to the Android experience for their own apps, so that they’re both finger friendly AND fully featured)
    Excellent Battery life

    Those are the things I’d want to have on an Android netbook. I would be SO all over that.

  • John

    OH, and USB should have been:

    2 or 3 USB Host+OTG

    Then, one mini-USB for charging and data sync (like the G1).

    I would also want an actual 3.5mm headset jack on a netbook.

  • Dianne Hackborn

    “The most common theory I’ve heard is that the resolution was too low, but I’m reluctant to believe that Google is really planning on eliminating QVGA support from Android.”

    There is really no mystery here. Android currently only fully supports HVGA screens (up and down the stack including any necessary compatibility for existing applications). The very first SDK, yes, did use a QVGA screen, but on the update after that the target device was switched to HVGA and there has never been fully functioning QVGA support in the system since then (since the system was not running on such hardware, it would have been a waste to spend a lot of time maintaining QVGA and resulted in a worse overall product for the G1).

    Support for other screen resolutions is on the official roadmap, but is not in Cupcake so won’t be available for real devices until sometime after Cupcake is finished.

  • Matt

    Come on guys. I want to like this blog, but you guys aren’t making it easy. You need to implement some sort of editorial review because this story is flat out WRONG.

    1) The link to the apcmag article is broken. You are missing a colon.

    2) The title of the apcmag article is “Defiant Kogan plans for for future Android, netbook releases.” Notice the comma after Android and before netbook. This indicates that these two things are separate from each other.

    3) The exact quote from the article about the netbook is as follows. “Another rapidly growing consumer category is the netbook market, and Kogan also wants to move into that space. Kogan said that the release of a Kogan-branded netbook was just “weeks away”.” Notice there is no mention of android anywhere during the mention of netbooks.

    So the moral of the story is PLEASE actually read articles before you post about them. There is no android netbook coming from Kogan. Hopefully you can update this story before its picked up by another blog and balloons into something.

  • Deebag da Teebag

    Someone call the whaaambulance on the troll.

  • Scott Webster

    Actually, the previous guy was right. I made the changes to the article to reflect the verbiage. It’s time like these that I am glad some of the non-regular help doesn’t use their real names or link to their other work. Some of you are a ruthless lot! Honestly, I’m glad to see you call us out when we’re wrong or half-right.

    Thanks, Scott

  • Matt

    Dang. After reading back over it, that did come off as pretty harsh. It wasn’t the intended, though. I was going more for a pleading vibe. Oh well. Guess I should read before I post.

    Thanks Scott.

  • Что-то мне кажется, на вашем блоге развелось слишком много так называемых говн*комментатров, которым лишь бы ляпнуть чего-нибудь:)

  • Увлекательно было почитать 🙂 Попробуем-с тоже ответить в ближайших постах.

  • I should read before I post.