T-Mobile Drops The Mother of All Bombshells – More G Series in ’09!

Let’s see how well the sarcasm comes across in this post.

In a Fierce Wireless interview dated earlier today, T-Mobile let slip a real doozy.  Apparently the 4th largest carrier in the US is not going to rest on the laurels of the G1.  That’s right, there are going to be more phones in the G series.

Our primary focus is consumer-based devices. As the year progresses there will be a significant number of HSPA-capable smart phones.  We will be launching more G series phones and other products.  You will see us launch a data card product. This will be happening in the coming weeks and months.   – Neville Ray, Senior VP Engineering and Operations

Crazy right?  In all seriousness, this might be the first actual word from the carrier that more Android phones are coming to T-Mobile.  Up until now everything has been pure speculation and unofficial information gathering.  Sure, putting leaked photos and code names together is about as easy as adding two and two, but it’s nice to get something legit.

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  1. chefgon
    January 30, 09:13 Reply

    Putting a “1” at the end of the name sort of implies the inevitability of sequels.

  2. aprucel
    January 30, 10:23 Reply

    wait, the G1 wasnt the last phone t-mobile is making? i couldnt have guessed

  3. BDot
    January 30, 11:48 Reply

    Seems kinda suspect. Dude didn’t mention anything about a G1, G2, or Android at all. In fact, considering that he’s the “Chairperson of 3G Americas” I think it’s reasonable to assume that by ‘G’ he means ‘3G’.

    Just saying….

  4. TareX
    January 31, 22:48 Reply

    Guys, com’on. I think it’s obvious it was sarcastic. Although it was a bit too subtle :)

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    August 04, 09:18 Reply

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  7. Mobile
    January 21, 11:29 Reply

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  8. Art
    January 23, 12:41 Reply

    He-He! Nice style!

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