RC33 (Android v1.1) Update Starts Arriving

Today marks the day that T-Mobile starts rolling out the latest round of updates to the G1.  While everyone is anxiously anticipating Cupcake to arrive, we’re merely getting a few crumbs for now.  Looking through some of the bullet points on the official T-Mobile forum, some of them are still very welcome.

Developers, and frequent Android Market visitors will love the fact that users can market comments as spam.  No more blatant website advertising or derogatory remarks!  Another update to the Android OS is the new Google Maps 3.0, which of course has the new Google Latitude feature.

Aside from the bug fixes and improvements, here’s a quick list of what to expect over the coming days:

  • Support “Check For Upgrades”
  • Voice Search
  • Ability to save pictures recieved as MMS
  • Ability to report offensive comments in the Market as SPAM
  • Google Latitude / Maps 3.0

We’ll end it with a few screenshots courtesy of the forum.  Looks like the Market will alert you to updates to apps you’ve already downloaded.

According to T-Mobile, the updates should show up between February 5th and 15th.  Have you already been upgraded?  If so, what do you think?

  • Craig B.

    Nothing yet, but then again, I had to do the last update manually…

    If anyone would be so kind as to post the update file, I’d appreciate it

  • Dieter Schwarz

    I use the G1 unlocked with a non-T-Mobile SIM card.
    How do I get the update and will my G1 need to be unlocked again after the update?

    Please help! Thanks!

  • The update being rolled out is RC33 and NOT RC31 so your headline is giving wrong info.

  • Bryce

    My update was pushed to me Tuesday. So far, I’m loving RC33. There are several enhancements to Market that make it clear that paid apps are on the way soon, especially the new uninstall verbage.

  • Not mentioned in the update list of fixes but curious if the call log time stamp changes from TIME AGO a call was made to the ACTUAL TIME?

    Anyone with RC33 can confirm or deny this?

    ,Michael Martin
    Google And Blog

  • Ed

    I live in Washington, DC and just got my RC-33 update about 2:30pm, today, 02/05. Michael M. asked if the Call Log time stamp has changed to the actual time rather than something like “2 hours ago”, “yesterday”, etc. I am sorry to report that the call log time stamp has not changed…
    Changes I’ve noticed: Voice-search, Google-maps w/Latitude, Save attachments from MMS, Market now allows spam marking, “System Updates” has been added to “Settings” -> “About Phone” submenu, – I know that there were other bug-fixes that were made and I can neither confirm nor deny whether those have been implemented. Hope this helps!

  • I live in Dallas, TX. I JUST got my update (Feb 5, 3:51pm). I haven’t used anything yet, I’ll update when I do. Just wanted to post when and where the roll-out was in case it’s a regional roll-out.

    Thank you,

  • docpaul


    Could you tweet your update story + geolocation in only 140 chars?
    Share your stories here:



  • just upgraded, Los Angeles CA

  • Feb 5th 700pm Los Angeles CA just upgraded.

  • me

    LA Cali and still no update 🙁

  • San Diego, 10:30 but it could have been up for a while because I’ve been playing beer pong because its my birthday! Whooo!

  • Simon

    I got my update around 9pm and I live in Fresno California
    I haven’t really used much of the new stuff.
    I was assumin it was the Cupcake update until I saw there was no touch screen keyboard.
    But this update helps out with the update available on apps in the Market.


  • KingAntionio

    I cant wait. It seems as if the update is coming from west side of the U.S. to the east. That’s suck cuz I live in New York.

  • Bobby

    Mobile,al here and igot my update around 8:30 last night, nothin really different I tried using the voice search it did not work so well… still waiting on cupcake

  • PGadget

    update came my way around 9:30 PM EST last night (Friday – 2/6) Region: East Coast – Virginia – south of D.C. EDGE network

  • danameis07

    Exactly what did today’s update do??

  • Howie

    I’m using an unlocked G1 with a Cellcom card in Israel and downloaded the OS update today after receiving a (surprising) message that it was 1 click away.

    I guess the upgrade goes to Android (based on registered email account) users rather than to T-Mobile users.

  • Drewfizzle

    I’m in Lansing Michigan. Update just pushed to my phone at 7:54 EST on 2/7/09

  • heres how to update manually, it pretty easy:

    Manually Update Android To RC33

  • Jorge Rivera

    Got my update today, Sunday 8th at about noon. I am in San José, Costa Rica, using an unlocked G1 with the local carrier. I have gotten all the updates so far without any problem, even not being a T-Mobile customer.

    • Matt

      What carrier are you using in Costa Rica? Did you just insert the GSM card and go? does the carrier also cover Panama?

  • geeky!

    Got my update at around 6pm today. I’m in a Los Angeles suburb. The update took a few mins (at least it seemed so).

    Here are my initial impressions;
    I thought Voice Search was going to be a gimmick but its actually kinda cool.
    Latitude is neat.
    The ability to save MMS attachments is great.
    Havent used the calender alerts yet but thats definately welcome as well.
    I did notice one small thing that hasnt been mentioned, icons/folders on the desktop that have long names now scroll when highlighted.

  • Update came in lynwood,ca @ approx 6:58pm

  • Binod

    @ Dieter Schwarz

    You don’t need to worry! just turn your Wi-Fi for some time and you’ll receive the update. It will take around 10 mins to complete the update. No need to unlock it again. I tried and its working fine with me……

    keep updating [:)]

  • Update: I mentioned before I got my update Feb 5, 3:51pm.

    Nice little updates nothing drastic. So far the best update is the ability to flag comments in the Market as SPAM. Please, please check it out and flag all of the “first” idiots, conversations, and promotional comments.

    I’d say the 2nd best feature also relates to the market, and that is the new feature that updates the user when a new app version is available. It’s been great. It can get mildly annoying when you have as many apps as I do, but I’m not going to complain. It would be nice for a weekly or monthly option rather than daily.

    Still waiting for a better search and sort in the market…ie top apps this month, week, or day rather than just all time. Also would like top rated apps, not just most download. I’m confident those are on the way.

    Missing is onscreen keyboard and auto rotate. But honestly, I’m not really missing those features that much. I got the G1 over the iPhone solely for the physical keyboard. If the G2 fails to have a “real” keyboard, I personally think that will be a HUGE mistake. The Steel browser has an on screen keyboard that meets my needs….and I hardly use it. It would nice to have a keyboard w/ SMS and with contact search, but that’s only the most minor of annoyance for me.

    Saving SMS attachments was a nice plus, but all this did for me was free up space because i was able to delete a user generated app that did the same thing.

    Searching google by voice was added. I’d rate this 6 out 10. The idea is GREAT. But the voice recognition has a little to be desired. Also, i don’t have much need for this. If I’m driving in the car, I’m not going to be surfing the web. If I’m in a public place I won’t use it. So most of the time, I flip the keyboard and spend 2.3 seconds to type something. Now, if they ever add voice search to Google Maps…we’re talking about something substantial.

    Overall, I’d take the G1 over the iPhone…in a NY minute. Speeds are blazing fast, T-mobile 3G network appears to be getting more stable by the day and most of the shortcomings the phone had from day one have been overcome with user developed apps.

    For those that are naive enough to believe the development cycle on the G1 has ended, I believe you are wrong. You don’t honestly think that an onscreen keyboard developed for the G2 wouldn’t work on the G1? Or that the G2 stereo blue tooth code is exclusive to the G2? That’s the brilliance behind the Android platform. Although some of the OS on the G1 is propriety, the base system is Android and most features will transcend not only different versions of the G1, G2, Gx, but different manufactures and different devices.

    Overall the G1 might be slightly lacking over the iPhone 3g phone, but the the G1 is light years ahead of the iPhone 2g when it came out. iPhone had a 2 year head start and the G1 already nearly equal to the iPhone and will be a tough rival in the coming months. I think there’s room for both and competition is only going to help both devices. I don’t think either device is going anywhere for a couple years.

    I’m looking forward to future G1 releases. I’m glad t-mobile is taking the time to release things slowly and right, rather than fast and buggy.

    WOW, that was a novel. I hope someone takes the time to read this.

  • Chris

    Brad , You said that just right. A pat on the back for you..

    Once Android start to spread to other manufacturers then Apple’s going to have a tough time to catch up as developers will slowly start spend more time developing apps for android and not the iphone.

    There could even be a possibility that a company like Nokia could drop there buggy and useless Symbian software to take advantage of the Android platform and all the available apps. Not forgetting companies like Samsung who have just brought out the first HD screen phone. WOW.

    Now where would Apple be then ??
    Who knows ???

    The future looks great for Android. So many possibilities.

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