Archos Bringing Android to Internet Media Tablet

Archos has announced a 500GB, ultra-thin media tablet that will run Android for release later this year.

Promising PC-like performance, the 10mm thin tablet will also support Adobe Flash on a high-res 5″ screen. According to Pocket-Lint, the device will have all of the same features as an Android smartphone, in addition to the Archos multimedia goodies.

Our friend Charbax points out that this should pair Android with the best features of Archos media tablets, enabling things like:

  • Full DivX and all video codecs playback up to HD resolutions
  • Video recording like a Tivo
  • Portable DVB-SH TV reception
  • Large high resolution screen

He goes on to say, “All that at about the same price as those crappy low-featured iPhones and HTC G1 phones.” Well put.

Look for the tablet to land in the 3rd quarter of this year.

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  1. TareX
    February 10, 14:10 Reply

    Amazing, but reports are mixed about it being a smartphone or just a Media tablet. All I know is Android is a phone OS, and not suitable for an MID.

    If this is the case, then congrats for Android on its first hi-res support. But I think a 5″ screen would make it too big for a phone. 4″ was perfect…

  2. Dan
    February 17, 17:34 Reply

    Wonder what the pro’s & con’s will be for this devise; I’m still looking at purchasing the Archos 5 60GB; seems to be the sexiest of the bunch; I found the 120 & 250GB a bit on the chuncky side, but still equally as sexy. I love this product but am at a stand still deciding when & which to purchase; Now with this coming out in the 3rd Q, I might wait to see the cost and features, thats if they release it, or is this going to be a long time to come????

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