You Tell Us: How Many Android Devices in 2009?

Next week is poised to be Android’s big breakout with Mobile World Congress set to kick off in Barcelona.  A few companies have already committed to showing their first Android devices, while a few others are rumored to be launching multiple handsets throughout the year.  This brings us to today’s question…

How many Android devices will there be by the end of 2009? Handsets, laptops, GPS, etc.  You can guess for the US only, or worldwide.  We’re really interested in seeing your guesses on this one!

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  1. SpugNothuson
    February 09, 09:57 Reply

    Are we counting the mobile as one device or the HTC G1, G2 and Motorollas as separate devices?

  2. John
    February 09, 11:10 Reply

    Well, we already know about 6

    1) HTC Dream/G1
    2) HTC Sapphire
    3) Giinii Mini
    4) Giinii Max
    5) (that desk phone that I want to use as an alarm clock)
    6) The keyboardless (sharp?) phone

    To which we might add a Kogan device or two, maybe the HTC Memphis, and at least one Motorola device.

    So, at the lower end, I’m going to say “at least 10 Android devices by the end of 2009, and 5-10 _new_ Android devices announced at MWC”. Where “new” means nothing I mentioned in my 1-6 above.

  3. Tony S.
    February 09, 11:30 Reply

    My low guess it’s 6 different phones, including ye olde G1, the Lenovo and Sapphire(s).
    But I hope that this MWC will bring more surprises to the table. (If LG, Samsung and Motorola have done their homework)

  4. Nick
    February 09, 11:46 Reply

    I’d say we will see 10-15 phones at Mobile World Congress next week, with 20 hitting the streets before the year is up. HTC has the Sapphire 2.0 and the Hero already in the works, Lenov has the oPhone, and then there’s the Genral Mobile DLST1. Motorola is banking on Android to save their sinking ship and I’m sure samsung has a few cards up their sleeves.

    Wow… it’s goign to be an exciting year!

  5. Android fan
    February 10, 00:51 Reply

    * Android Dev Phone 1
    * HKC Pearl
    * HTC
    o T-mobile G1
    o T-mobile G2
    * Kogan Agora
    * Sony Ericsson
    o Nan
    o San
    * exeda
    * i6-Goal
    * oPhone
    * MePhone
    * DSTL1
    * Eee Phone
    * Giinii
    see link (russian)

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