Android Market to see Paid Apps Within a Week? Why Not?

Yesterday was relatively quite day in the land of Android, save for one small mention in a Wall Street Journal article. Hiding at the very end of a piece called Microsoft to Bolster Cellphone Strategy was a paragraph that alleges that the Market will start offering paid apps this week.

Google, too, hosts an application store, dubbed the Android Market, for phones running its Android mobile operating system, the first of which is the G1 from Deutsche Telekom AG’s T-Mobile USA. This week Google will start allowing developers to charge for software sold through the Android Market, according to people familiar with the matter.

We debated on whether or not to even cover this, as it has gotten so much traction on other sites. At first we thought maybe they got their facts mixed up, confusing the RC33 update with the Android Market updates that were part of it. After further thinking, we believe it’s more likely that paid apps will arrive sooner than later.

It’s been known for quite some time that paid apps will be showing up in the first quarter of the year. Well, we’re almost smack dab in the middle of that. Looking through the recent changes in the Android Market, we’ve noticed that is seems poised to offer them any day.

Among the changes in the Android Market is the option to mark comments as spam. This is a gift from the heavens for developers who are looking to get genuine feedback on their app. No longer will we be forced to see people carry out debates on Cupcake or look at blatant advertising for websites. That is of course, pending the system works as hoped.

Another nice feature in the update is the ability to see whether or not your installed apps have available updates. There are actually two ways to see if there are updates, one of which has gone unmentioned as far as we can tell. Some people might notice a little Android Market icon in their taskbar from time to time. Opening that will tell you how many apps you have with updates ready. The notification appears to be pushed to users. Nice touch.

Perhaps this unknown source knows something most people don’t. Maybe it will happen this week after all. If it does, it’s probably going to happen after all the RC33 updates go out, which should wrap up around the 15th of the month. It will be interesting to see if a flood of apps come rushing in once people are able to make a buck off of them.

  • Interestingly no Android app developers I know have been contacted about this, which to allow paid apps Google would need the business and tax information of those developers selling apps.

    Whats also interesting is that Apple may be why the G1 doesnt have a 3.5mm headphone jack according to an Apple employee

    ,Michael Martin
    Google And Blog

  • I haven’t heard of this at all from google. I setup a google checkout account hoping that would be what I’ll need to do once they setup paid apps, but that may have been a waste of time. I’m sure we’ll be told when it’s deemed necessary 🙂

  • BDot

    Makes sense. I think it is coming VERY soon as well. I noticed now when I uninstall apps in the Market, I get a popup saying “You can always reinstall this app later for free” (something along those lines).

    …which implies that paid apps are indeed on the way.

  • Aleks

    There’s one huge flaw in this argument- only the American G1s are being updated. There is no update in sight to enable this functionality on UK G1s at the moment.