App Review: Movie Finder

Title: Movie Finder
Developer: ikamobile
Available: Now, Android Market
Cost: FREE

Lasting Impression: Considerably more helpful than doing a Google search for local movie theaters and showtimes. GPS auto locate works well even in EDGE network.  Subtle changes to app over time have it moving in the right direction.

Nitty Gritty: I don’t get to movies as often as I’d like to so this app isn’t used terribly often. However, it’s handy enough for me to keep it installed on my handset.

This app works well on a variety of levels. As I tend to keep up on entertainment and movie news, I’m pretty up-to-date on what each film is about. My wife… not so much. She loves this app in that I can hand the phone to her and she gets all the info she needs to jog her memory.

Once Movie Finder locates you, it suggests the various theaters in your area to you and shows distance in kilometers. When you are in your home area, it’s no big deal. You probably know how far it is to get to your theaters. If you are traveling and want to take in a movie, just use the ballpark estimate of 1mi to .6 km and you’ll be alright. Would it be nice to have distance in miles? Yes. Is it a deal breaker? Not at all.

Users will find a pretty detailed synopsis and MPAA rating for each movie. In addition, most movies have YouTube trailers that can be watched on the handset as well. Although I don’t live in a 3G area, this app seems to work well on EDGE.

One of the small features I like best is how it marks the next showtime in bold with past times in a light grey. Since we usually want to see what time the next showing is, this makes it convenient. You can also mark theaters with the heart icon for quick access to your favorite cineplex.

Other options that should appeal to users are driving directions to theaters, detailed movie reviews, and future date show times.  Movie Finder is a great app to have on hand and should definitely be considered for your Android device.

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  1. Brett
    February 13, 12:13 Reply

    I love this app, it works great. You can change kilometers to miles by going to settings.

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