Samsung Not Showing Android at MWC, First Handset Delayed Until Second Half of Year

Samsung was widely expected to be showing off their first Android handset next week at MWC.  Many tech enthusiasts, including ourselves, were hoping to get a glimpse at their device when the conference kicks off in Barcelona.  Unfortunately, we’ve learned at the last minute that the handset maker has no plans to do so.  Further, their Android phone is likely to not arrive until the second half of the 2009.

…Younghee Lee, head of marketing at Samsung’s mobile device division, said there will be no Android phone at the show, but they are “planning internally” for a release in the second half of the year. She said the company is in negotiations with a number of operators about taking a Samsung-designed Android phone.

Unfortunate, but not unexpected really.  Delays happen all the time, especially when trying to work with a brand new platform.  Our hope is that they are making sure everything is done right and watching what others do with Android.  Let’s just pray that this doesn’t mean last quarter of the year.  We’re really itching to get our hands on a Samsung model.

Link courtesy of Guardian by way of everythinggPhone.

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  1. Nick
    February 12, 10:36 Reply

    This is a bit of a disappointment. Typcailly at MWC we see a lot of prototype phones. If they have nothing to show off, it might indicate that they are having some trouble. Or, they just want to keep it under wraps till launch.

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