TuneWiki Continues to Revolutionize the Cellular Music Experience: Introducing “Internet Radio with Subtitled Lyrics” (PRESS RELEASE)

TuneWiki continues to revolutionize the music player for cellular handsets. After introducing the first Music Player with subtitled lyrics, real time translation to numerous languages, and music maps showing where people play music, the company is introducing a breakthrough in Internet Radio.

“Imagine a radio station that comes with lyrics subtitling the music, and a live map that shows you who else is listening to your song not only on your radio station, but anywhere in the world. At the same time, it empowers the user to connect to these people and share their music preferences,”  said Rani Cohen, Chairman and CEO of TuneWiki. “TuneWiki’s Lyrics Radio application is now providing all these services for many thousands of Internet Radio stations.”

“Users can listen to a song through any number of venues: an MP3 file that they purchased, Internet Radio, a YouTube Video, or on their home PC. TuneWiki is the only player connecting all these users and providing them with a platform to interact in real-time,” added Amnon Sarig, Tunewiki’s  President.

The Lyrics Radio will be available at first as a new feature for the TuneWiki Social Media Player on the HTC G1 Android platform, and is expected to be exported to other platforms later this year. A video of the Lyrics Radio posted at: http://www.youtube.com?v=l7UQ8g2gOkY

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    October 05, 21:31 Reply

    Internet Radios are cool. i listen to them most of the time aside from watching videos on youtube. i am also trying to learn how to put my own personal internet radio.

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