Emtrace Releases The World’s First Exchange Activesync Push E-Mail For Android (PRESS RELEASE)

Emtrace Technologies USA, Inc. (www.moxier.com) has introduced Moxier Mail Beta in the Android™ market offering secure and direct push synchronization of corporate e-mail with Microsoft® Exchange server 2003 & 2007.

Direct push technology in Moxier Mail with licensed Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync® enhances end-user productivity in performing convenient access to the exchange server on Android™-powered phone (G1). With the push e-mail solution, G1 users can receive corporate e-mails, reply to urgent messages and compose new e-mails like on Blackberry and Windows Mobile smartphones.

Microsoft® Exchange is the leader in North American markets for their messaging and collaborative software, and Moxier Mail can fit right in to G1 to support it for all exchange users.

Moxier Mail includes many years of experience in wireless mobile solutions with Windows Mobile, LiMo, ALP, PalmOS platforms and Emtrace hopes Moxier line for Android™ and App Store will expand with more software and services attracting users’ needs.

Emtrace’s Moxier Mail Beta is now available for a limited time in the Android™ market with full version of Moxier Mail V1.0 to be released thereafter.

Key features for Moxier Mail Beta includes,

  • Direct push synchronization with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 & 2007
  • Easy to receive, reply, compose and delete Emails like on your computer
  • Secure environment with SSL support
  • HTML Email with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • I gave this one a try. The push technology does work very well; however, the application is still feature poor. HTML mail does not work for Exchange 2003, and there is no calendar sync. They are up front about the limitations, so that’s refreshing. Hopefully they will add a lot of these features in a future release.

    For now, Touchdown for Exchange is much better from a functionality point of view. It’s only drawback (IMHO) is the lack of push.

  • BigHeat

    The push technology in this client is just like the WinMo experience. As Joel noted, though, the app is feature poor. I am not even sure if they’re trying to say that the features that are missing will be missing from all releases or just from the beta.

    I’ve too have been happy with Touchdown for some time now. It still does not truly grab all messages – only changes after it first initializes. Nitrodesk has been very responsive and continues to improve the Touchdown product. I am hoping that they have been looking at true ActiveSync integration.

    Moxier is a welcome addition to the mix!

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