HTC Magic Skin Already Available for Developers Using Android Emulator

If there is one thing we’ve learned here at AndroidGuys over the last year or so, it’s that developers move fast. We’re not even 24 hours removed from Vodafone’s announcement of the HTC Magic and Tea Vui Huang had released a skin for the Android emulator.


Billing his site as “The No.1 website for Google Android Emulator Skins”, we aren’t the type to argue. Taking a look through his available skins, we see the Palm Treo Pro, Motorola Q, Kogan Agora and more. If anyone wants to get a feel for how Android might translate to different form factors, they should head here.

According to the email we received, here are the basic instructions for using the skin.

To install, download and unzip “” to the Android skin directory, e.g. “C:\android-sdk-windows-0.9_beta\tools\lib\images\skins”.

To run the Android emulator with this HTC skin, enter this on the command line: “emulator -skin HVGA-P-HTCMagic”.

Thanks TV!

*URL added after article published.

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