G2 in Wild Comes Courtesy of Google

Speaking earlier today at a conference, Google was showing off Gmail and its features using a white handset running Android. Although it looked every bit like the HTC Magic which was just announced this week, it couldn’t have been. The Magic is supposed to be exclusive to Vodafone.


Take a close look at the top of that handset. Sure looks a lot like T-Mobile‘s logo, doesn’t it? So what phone are we looking at? All signs point to this being the US version we’ve been waiting for – the fabled G2 phone.

Did a silly slipup just officially out the next T-Mobile Android handset? Wonder why they didn’t just tape up the logo like when previously demonstrating Android?

Via Brighthand

  • Yes

    Hoping it becomes available as the Android Dev Phone 2 eventually, I’d pay up to $300.

  • I wish Dev phone 2 can be shipped in the Philippines also with less shipping fee

  • Roc

    Did the author of this article watch the video? In the video of that snapshot, the VP states that it is the Magic.

  • Diddy Kong Fu

    Roc, tell the class why it doesn’t say Vodafone across the top then. Name any other Android handset out there… Especially a T-Mobile one. It’s the G2.

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