Asus Team Working on Android Netbook for End of Year Release

Asustek, one of the recent companies to join the Open Handset Alliance, is working to develop an Android-based netbook for release as soon as the end of 2009.

Already a leader in the netbook market, Asus has put together a team of engineers charged with the task of bringing Google’s powerful OS to low-cost laptops.

There is defintely a chance to pull some market share away from Microsoft with Android. Free software licenses coupled with lower-cost processors like Freescale’s could yield in $200 netbooks.

  • Asus Team Working on Android Netbook for End of Year Release (via @AndroidGuysCom)

  • John

    I’d love to see:

    EeePC T91 with Android, where that version of android supported non-mobile versions of Gmail, Reader, Docs, a SyncML client for calendar data, a full IM client (multiple Gmail accounts, non-Gmail Jabber accounts, multiple active IM accounts on each protocol), better integration between ConnectBot and VNC viewer, and had an optional internal 3G data card (such as via PCI Express Mini card).

    That would be absolutely lovely.

  • tkjtkj

    ASUS ! This is the company that, from my own experience, has absolutely the WORST ‘customer’ and ‘tech’ support of any company i’ve ever ever experienced!!! And im easy to please! Their site just SUCKS .. Eg, you sign up and in order to ask a simple motherboard question, you’re forced to go thru page after page being asked about the product you’re inquiring about .. for each damn question you pose! And if your unfortuanate enough to reach a human (in their ‘live chat’ thing), its worse! I asked about a bios feature i’d like to see implimented and basiclly was told to go to hell.. Then, on a phone call to techsupport, I described a RAID problem: the person was ignorant of RAID , spoke poor english (the importance of which will follow here!) and jsut blew me off .. He had NO idea of what he was talking about. I asked him to let me ‘live chat’ with his supervisor: he allowed it, and i began explaining to the ‘supervisor’ the difference between RAID 0+1 and 1+0 .. BUT: the SUPERVISOR was making the same exact gramitical and spelling errors as was the original ‘tech’ person!!!!!! It was impossible to conclude other than that he was actually impersonating his ‘supervisor’ !!!!!

    “We dont change bios design because of user requests.”
    I swear that’s what he said, in broken english. And that itself was a lie! WHY ELSE would any mfgr modify a bios (and there have been SIX bios updates to my mobo in the 4 months ive had the board!) unless users were having problems!

    ASUS: ?? ASUCK!

    [email protected]

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