Froogloid Provides Walkthrough of a2b

The following is a guest post from Froogloid, makers of a2b. Have a look through one of the recent apps to join the Android Market designed to make your life easier. Ever been to an amusement park and forget where exactly it was that your car was parked? You might be interested in this one.

What is a2b? It’s GPS with a brain! Have you ever lost your car in the parking lot? How about getting lost in the woods, on campus, or even on the lake? a2b provides an intuitive solution for navigating from point A to point B. GPS with a directional arrow, picture, notes, and voice recordings to get you back to where you need to be!
Navigating through the application is very intuitive. Here’s a few screenshots!

Home Screen:


Store Location Screenshots; store GPS location, take a picture, and record notes ~ free text and audio:

Satellite View:


Map View:


Take Picture of Location for Reference:


Type Free Text Note and Record Audio:


Typing Note ~ Landscape View for G1 Keyboard:


Once Location has been saved, you can select it via a list. You can save as many locations as you want!


List of Saved Locations: Notice the closest street /city and date time stamp is automatically added to your location!


To delete a location simply select the delete button:

Once you have selected the location, you can now navigate to iot via your saved information; GPS coordinates, reference picture and free text / audio notes.
Navigating Screen. Note: you’re always point “A”, point “B” is your saved location. Walk in the direction of green arrow and you can’t help but find point B!


Saved Reference Picture:


Read and listen to your notes:


Wasn’t that easy?!

Thanks for the walkthrough guys!  This definitely seems like an app that would come in handy.  For more on a2b, check out video below.

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  1. Peter Williams
    February 20, 17:49 Reply

    That sounds really useful.

    Your app seems to intersect with what Evernote and others (say Reqall) are doing. Do you have plans to extend into their markets?

    BTW, The video is “no longer available”

  2. Cody
    February 25, 23:00 Reply

    Looks like a great product. When is it going to be available on other phones, and where can I meet the beautiful Brittany. She’s a knock out! Makes the product worth buying just to see her :)

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