Shaq Roqs the G1 – Knows His Mobile OSes

Here’s one of those cool, feel-good stories that are only believed when you can back it up with photo proof: Shaq has a G1 handset, hangs with Twitter friends, and is unimpressed with Windows Mobile phones.

Blogger Jesse Bearden had a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with Shaquille O’Neal the other day at a diner. After trying to figure out whether or not The Real Shaq was in fact the professional basketball player or someone trying to pass themselves off as him when they got a tweet from said Twitter account.

After heading to a local diner to see if it was him, they ended up sitting down at a table with The Diesel.

We quickly hopped up and rushed over like like two eight year olds who had just heard the ice cream truck pass by.

“I know it’s dorky man, but can I get a pic with you?” I asked, slightly intimidated. “Of course” he said, “Pull up a seat”

The behemoth slid over and patted the booth next to him. As I pulled out my phone to take a picture he snatched it out of my hand and inspected it.

“What’s this got? Windows Mobile?”

“Um… yeah”

He gave it the once over before handing it back and showing off his Google Phone. We talked for a bit, and snapped a photo for both Sean and me before shaking hands and returning to our table…

To read the rest of the story, head to Jesse’s blog.

We have a little “celebrity” news of our own to share. Our tip to this story came courtesy of Dan Frommer, of Silicon Alley Insider! Thanks Dan!

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  • kmc212

    Shaq is on Twitter. He rules.


  • Mike

    Cool , Shaq maybe and Android Developer all this time eheh

  • Sudipto Sarkar

    Cool post…
    btw, here’s my post about android:

  • Michael Martin

    Shaq said he has a Google phone, but the device in front of him doesn’t look like a G1 –

    ,Michael Martin
    Google And Blog

  • Liam

    From a recent tweet from the The_Real_Shaq “I had a nokia e90 but it fell n da toilet, now I have a shaqberry lol, I’m a toilet twitterer” so he has a Blackberry not a google phone

  • Ken

    Being that most of Shaq’s posts are from TwitterBerry, I think he roqs the Blackberry.

  • Mutia

    shaq rules dude!