Kogan Bouncing Back With All-Touch Version of Agora

Remember the Agora Pro?  It was supposed to have been the world’s second Android phone, but instead, it ended up being scrapped at the last minute.  Rumor has is that the Agora Pro was not going to work with a lot of future Android apps due to screen resolution.  So what is the company doing now?  According to Gizmodo, they are readying their all touch version of the Agora.

Giz had a chance to play with a prototype of Kogan’s original handset and liked what they saw.

Ultimately, the hands on experience left me lusting for an actual Kogan Android handset.

The future release is said to drop the QWERTY keyboard for a 3.8″ touch screen.  Instead of going with a Motorola Q/Samsung Blackjack look, it’s now going to try to blend in with all the other slab phones coming out.

What do you guys think?  Do you like the change or were you fond of the original Agora design?

Link to Gizmodo comes via Phandroid.

  • David K

    Prefer the original design. I have to echo Phandroid’s sentiments: “I think it would have been nice to see this hardware keyboard device hit the market for the sake of Android diversity if nothing else.” I personally prefer a tactile keypad to any sort of full touchscreen, particularly if Android still doesn’t support multi-touch.

    Alas, if QVGA was too small, then no-go on the original design. That said, I don’t like the implication that QVGA is an insufficient resolution to properly run Android, especially when it was announced as a supported resolution, and is clearly available as a resolution in the emulator.

    IMO, Android needs more QWERTY/tactile keyboard designs — it seems that most of the designs so far (Samsung, G2, Lenovo) are touchscreen. For QWERTY, you have only the G1 and the LG KS360 (speaking of QVGA, the LG’s screen is QVGA. Hmmm…).

  • Bill

    Nooooooooooooo!! Lack of a real QWERTY keyboard is a deal breaker. I was so looking forward to this phone too ….

  • Tony S.

    In my oppinion, I prefer a big screen with a software keyboard than sacrificing screen space with a keyboard.
    Maybe a HTC Touch Pro 2 would be a nice compromise (slider keyboard), just like G1.

  • tkjtkj

    Tony S. :
    So, like me, you’d prefer the G1/Dev approach: full sized screen with max sized QWERTY ..
    although i’d be happier if the screen ‘auto-flipped’ when rotated 90deg! Having the ‘flipping’ be a consequence of whether or not the keyboard is open was a mistake .. Why could they not use the accelerometer!!!!???

    and how come certain presently-available apps DO have a touchscreen kbd???
    ..cant recall which one i saw, but its installed on my phone , used it once, and was surprised to see its screen kbd .. I’ll search for it …


  • chefgon

    I think it’s a huge mistake for Android to not officially support QVGA. One of the big promises of Android in the beginning was that it could bring smartphones to the masses by being able to scale down to simple flip phones with a limited feature set. If they’re going to flat out require HVGA touch screens from now on, they’re missing a big segment of the market that isn’t traditionally interested in smartphones but might be interested in getting some more advanced applications for their “just a phone” phones.

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