Snaptell & Shazam Video Reviews


I’ve been talking these last few days with John Walton who does work over at PhoneDog.  He’s a very cool guy who puts together app reviews and most often includes these fun-to-watch videos.  Today, I’m gonna embed a double app review that he did on Snaptell and Shazam.

Here’s a bit of information to go along with his review:

Snaptell does with visual data what Shazam does with audio information. See a great flick at your buddy’s house and want your own copy? Take a photo. Later on, open that photo up with Snaptell and find a store online or nearby to purchase it. It works with books, CD’s DVD’s and some other items. You can scan bar codes as well. Check it out.

Watch for John’s obvious love for Soulja Boy!

Snaptell and Shazam: Android App Review(s) from John Walton on Vimeo.

Thanks John!  Looking forward to seeing some more!


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