Enhanced Version of CallerID by WhitePages Released into the Wild

One of the first major name releases in the Android Market, Caller ID by White Pages, has been given an overhaul with all new features.  Features like reverse lookup and telemarketing alert in addtion to much more!

What was already a fully loaded app to begin with, the new version brings users:

  • Adds a database of 600 million numbers to ID more numbers successfully
  • Shows instantly who is calling from both landlines and mobiles through a notification window that displays the caller’s ID while the incoming call is ringing
  • Alerts users to incoming calls from known telemarketers, helping people avoid unwanted calls on what is often their primary phone number
  • Lets users identify numbers, including unknown texts, on demand with reverse phone lookup
  • Offers the ability to update address books by adding a caller’s phone number and address as a contact with one tap


So what’s the catch?  This is the paid version of the application.  The cost?  You can get a 6-month subscription for $6.99, or roughly $1.17 per month.  As anyone who has ever called 411 knows, that’s cheaper than one call.  You can try this new version out for a week for free.  Check the Android Market for “White Pages” and you’ll find it.

White Pages knows that everyone is going to be willing to cough up a few bucks twice a year so they are going to keep their free version in the Android Market.  Proving to be quite a popular app on its own, this version has seen over 100,000 downloads so far.  (Editor’s note: At the time of publishing this article, the free version cannot be found in the Market).  

Here’s a video to go along with the press release we were sent today.  Turn it up and enjoy the soft, subtle, soothing sounds of Flo Rida.

We’d also like to point out that the White Pages team is beginning to see the future in Android as noted in their blog.   Check out what Kevin Nakao (VP Mobile & Monetization) has to say below:

We have been experimenting for a while with Caller ID for mobile, but a good user experience requires integration with the incoming call functionality and call history, something previously off-limits to developers. Android’s open platform makes this integration not only possible but easy. - Why I believe in Android: Game On to develop new G1 apps

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  1. Juniper
    February 28, 03:15 Reply

    Would love to buy it, but I have a dev phone and jesus^H^H^H^H^H google has told me I am not allowed to pay for apps. OH WELL.

  2. Dignan17
    February 28, 03:56 Reply

    Um, this is weird. I downloaded an app a day or two ago called “Langra.” It did the same things and even had the same icon. It’s still on my phone but it’s gone from the market… I wonder what I have…

  3. TareX
    March 01, 21:02 Reply

    It’s brilliant! love it..

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