You Tell Us: What Have You Purchased in the Market?

Ok, so the Android Market has been up now for a little over a week and a whole new batch of apps have arrived.  We’d like to know what you guys are spending your money on.  Are there any apps you found to be worth the money?

Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts on the paid apps.

  • i bought retro defense, the tower defense game. $4.99 i believe. best game for the g1 i’ve played.

  • Bejeweled by EA, IMO it is worth the money, i love this game, specially multiplayer mode!

  • Chris

    Discover Pro. I already liked the free version enough to pay for it. Pro gets rid of the ads. Haven’t had to plug my G1 into my PC since!

  • stevO

    My first program I bought was wifitether. It was worth every penny. But then 2 days later I found an opensource version of wifitether and suprsingly it was 3 times better than the one I bought. O well, I guess I will hope for updates. The second app I bought was holdem. It was sort of worth it. I like the online play and offline play. It could use a little more updates. I’m not interested in buying too many. Games since I don’t have time to play them all. But there are other apps that are so tempting to buy.

  • I bought Snap Photo Pro. Also bought but returned Audio Tuner because it doesn’t actually tune, just plays a tone, which doesn’t help me much.

  • I bought bomberman and of course “My Collection Pro”.

  • battamer

    I bought Snap Photo Pro, but I’m really unhappy with how often it’s been crashing. I also love Retro Tower Defense Pro. I bought and returned Hold’em, because I was really just not enamored with the game play.

    Overall, I’m really happy with the return policy. I probably wouldn’t have bought Retro Tower if I didn’t feel I had the option of returning it. I see myself buying more apps in the future since I don’t have to be so scared of poor quality.

  • markoza138

    I purchased Aevum Obscurum after becoming addicted to the free Lite version. It was worth every penny.

    I think I will look into the Retro Tower Defense game after reading these comments. Has anyone found a good Microsoft Exchange program?

  • Student Driver

    Snap Photo Pro, which works great and I donated when it was still free. I also bought the donation version of Useful Switchers, and QuickOffice. I bought and returned “carpenter” because I felt it wasn’t as good as the free level and the rulers weren’t worth the price.

  • The first app I bought was A2B. It’s not a bad little “where did I leave my car” type of app, but it was more for the experience of purchasing. To date, the app has actually been pretty useful.

    The second (and so far only other) app I purchased was Useful Switchers. I had the free version and, even though I knew it had no new features, I felt the developer deserved it. It was done to look very nice and it’s one that I use all of the time.

  • radio_babylon

    not a thing. the market was too hard to browse before the paid app explosion, and now its just ridiculous. i very rarely have a specific thing in mind, so searching the market is out… i just want to browse around and find something interesting, and thats nearly impossible to do with the few organisational categories. a “sort by rating” would at least be useful, i dont much care whats popular or new, i want whats GOOD.

    at this point ive just given up on the market. if i ever have a specific need for an app, specific enough that i can search for it, then ill use it and maybe buy something. otherwise, ill probably never spend a dime on it, because discovering useful or entertaining apps that i might like but dont have a clear specific immediate need for is just too hard.

  • hmmm….. i’d hesitate to say that I’ve purchased any apps on the market. I’ve tested out a few apps and then returned them, but haven ot yet committed to buying anything quite yet. I did get hooked to the demo of retro tower defense so that might be my first real purchase. I’ve been playing MeteorFull all day. It’s nice, but now really that challenging.

    I think i’d be more willing to pay for a game than a general app. games are a great way to kill time with.

  • jay jay

    i bought tetherwifi for 8.95 i quickly regretted it (it works great) since there’s a free tethering app on the xdadevelopers website.

  • @Joel ~ thanks for purchasing a2b! Glad you’re finding it useful! Btw, have you downloaded the latest version we released a couple nights ago? V1.0.11…. you can now email a google maps link with the pic and notes you took of the location. Also, a2b now integrates with google’s turn by turn directions for navigating to saved location.



  • schwiz

    I bought SMSCommander the day the app store went live. I didn’t want to pay 3.99 I was hoping for more like 99 cents but I figured wth, worth it if I ever loose my phone. But then I was really dissapointed when the developer decided to charge 99 cents for his updates with new commands which I refuse to pay for eff him.
    Then I bought aCast for 99 cents, good ui but its totally not ready for release it is extremely buggy, it can’t read rss feeds with certain common characters, and when somebody calls you if you have anything in your que to play it will start playing that podcast so you have a podcast blaring in your ear when your trying to answer your call and you have to put your caller on hold to turn it off and its really slow bah! Im so mad I waisted my money on both of these apps.

  • I was also having a hard time filtering out the market so I’ve added some features to that I use a lot.

    On the front page I show the apps and games that have moved up the most in ranking over the past week. Good for seeing what is hot right now.

    Also on the front page is the apps and games that changed their price each day. Useful when looking to snap up a bargain.

    Then under Applications, Games and each category I’ve added a filter to show all apps, or only paid or free apps. Actually I believe you can do this on the phone too.

    Let me know if there is anything else that might be useful when looking for apps and games in the market.

  • six41

    Useful Switchers (donationware) / dgSuperSilent / Contacts Grid / SnapPhoto Pro
    Phew . . . $5.50

  • gothcube

    I purchased Hide ‘n Seek, which I like, cuz I am a graphic artist and I use my G1 with my 16GB card as a jump drive. Hide ‘n Seek hides some files from the pictures app, so I don’t have to look at my half completed work when I am looking for photos taken with my camera. Also, you can hide pr0n with it… if you need to.

    Then I got Kidd GBC which is a gameboy color emulator that works really really well. It’s a little slow for games with lots of action, but Zander Kidd is really good about pushing out updates on a regular basis.

    All in all, the ones I have purchased are worth it, but I can’t seem to find any others worth money.

  • Terry

    I like QSearch !
    The free version is great, the pay version better and it’s price can’t be beat.
    Everyone crying for Cupcake…well here you have part of it and More.
    Thanks for a Great program!
    I’ll look around from time-to-time but I’m pretty finicky.

  • sean

    I had used the free version of DoggCatcher (a podcast downloader and player) for a month before the market started charging for apps, I loved it so much, I bought the full version since it’s such a professional, great working app, even though the free one still works great.

  • Dignan17

    Doggcatcher is my #1 most-used app! I’ve been using it since it was first on the market, and the developer is active in improving his product. And what a product it is! I absolutely love it. If you like podcasts it should be the first app on your phone. Like Sean said, the free version works fine, but I liked it so much I bought the paid version.

    I also bought Plox: Tower Defense. I’ll have to try out Retro Tower Defense too, because I love these kinds of games…

    I bought Picacross Pro because I liked the free version. I’m hoping I made the right choice because I’ve been having technical problems with it, but I like the game.

  • Brian

    I bought CoursePro after using the demo. It’s and app to help keep track of assignments and grades, etc. Its great. Now I don’t have to keep looking at the syllabus and all my assignments are in one location. Definitely worth the money!

  • Jeff

    I bought Bejeweled, a game I’ve owned and loved on other platforms, but it seems like a bad port from J2ME or something. The menus are terrible and it’s quite slow.

    Then I found Jewerlust, it’s everything Bejeweled should have been. Decent menus, and more importantly it’s much faster with smoother animations and more visual effects. If you like Bejeweled I highly reccomend Jewerlust. It’s simply much better.

  • I wonder how long T-offline Germany will take to make payed Apps available in Germany. Reading about “the whole batch of apps that rolled out” makes me want to have them now!
    We got the recent Firmware with the latitude feature as of today…
    They take far to long for doing the Internationalisation!
    After all they are a German Company (T-mobile, not Google)!?

  • nothing yet, Registered as an Android Developer for $25 hehehe

  • efan78

    Like Jorg, we here in the UK haven’t been able to buy a thing since there are no paid apps over here. I also don’t think I’ve had the firmware update (I called T-Mobile to ask but the person who answered (who said she was a G1 user) didn’t havea a clue, and didn’t even know that paid-for apps were coming! It makes you despair, really it does!


    I’ve purchased snap photo, advanced task manager, and hello I’m. I’m currently on the 30 day trail for telenav. Don’t know if thr $10 a month floats my boat

  • ethan

    Bought an application called Chu Decide, to help me make tough decisions 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • James

    2 apps for now.

    1. snapphoto pro …. loved what the dev had done with the free version and felt like it was worth it to support the project.
    2. touchdown. ….. it does an excellent job of working with the exchange server I’m forced to live with.

    IMHO both of these apps are worth the price.

  • Yaniv C

    Air hockey…. totally fun game and for a buck ya cant go wrong.
    Plus developer says it will support multiplayer online play soon.

  • kidnex1

    nothing because google doesn’t feel like trusting the very god damn people who make those apps. (adp1)

  • tons of games thanks