AG Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-01

Crowdfunding Android Firmware Development? # In Other News 2009-01-25 # AG Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-25 # Sprint letting go of 8,000 employees. OUCH. Something tells me there will be ...

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SlingMedia’s Android Plans

Android seems to be enchanting everyone and why not? Its the best open source platform available for developers to develop their own apps. When freelance developers are busy creating exciting apps on this new, soon-to-be-lucrative platform, how can the big software development firms stay put?  ...

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Is Google’s ‘Anything Goes’ Policy Hurting the Android Market Reputation?

Every handset maker is busy trying to eke out the best possible way to lure users to their own version of the App Store. In a bid to be both developer as well as customer friendly, they are trying to beat down each other in terms of the T&Cs’ laid down.  Some are even prepared... Read More