January 26, 2015

AG Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-01

  • App Review: TeleNav GPS Navigator http://tinyurl.com/cz37xk #
  • AG Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-22 http://tinyurl.com/bmhq4c #
  • @ianholton No. Great idea. in reply to ianholton #
  • http://tinyurl.com/aad8xj AT&T CEO briefly talks Android. Nothing has changed in a year. Still thinks Android is too Google-y. #
  • Kogan Bouncing Back With All-Touch Version of Agora http://tinyurl.com/cfc9by #
  • Wife is looking for BB Curve themes. T-Mobile 8320. Anybody have any recommendations? Silly contract has her G1-less for a few months… #
  • http://ota.telenav.com/ota/tm Get your 30 day trial of TeleNav starting now! #
  • Ballmer “We’ll see Google more as a competitor in the desktop OS than we ever have before… seams between phone OS and a PC OS will change” #
  • @okorioth @TeleNav would be the best to answer your questions. They are very quick and helpful there. Hope you get your answers! in reply to okorioth #
  • @BryanNO Best suggestion right now is to pull up the category and CHANGE VIEW under menu and select PAID APPS. Then it’s sorted there… in reply to BryanNO #
  • imeem Mobile’s New MyMusic Feature Helps People Enjoy Their Music Anywhere (PRESS RELEASE) http://tinyurl.com/djm4ld #
  • Playing with WHERE for Android. N’yah n’yah! #
  • How can De La Vega be worried about Android being too much Google when they have a phone that is all Apple? Where is his AT&T branding? #
  • Anyone else getting random conversations via Gtalk? I have had 4 in last hour. #
  • Change your GMAIL Passwords as soon as you can… just to be safe #
  • If you see ANYTHING from ViddyHo run from it like it’s the black plague. #
  • New updates to #imeem mobile and #sms popup are both awesome. Glad to see them show up today. #
  • WHERE to Launch on the T-Mobile G1 (PRESS RELEASE) http://tinyurl.com/bk9vun #
  • Special Offer MemoryUp Professional-Mobile RAM Booster (Specially Designed for Android) 2.7
    – Pri.. http://tinyurl.com/b9xoks #
  • celebrating first 500 followers. thanks to each and every one of you. thanks for keeping up with us! #
  • Special Offer Puzzle Blocks 1.0
    – Price was $6.95 Now $3.95 until Mar 1: The "Puzzle Blocks&.. http://tinyurl.com/dhdxju #
  • Special Offer Mind Master 1.0
    – Price was $6.95 Now $3.95 until Mar 1: Mind Master is a simple co.. http://tinyurl.com/dyfqpc #
  • Market Movers: Marketing Starts Here http://tinyurl.com/bagwnw #
  • @IntoMobile Thanks for the link love! in reply to IntoMobile #
  • App Review: StreamFurious http://tinyurl.com/bnkg8e #
  • Hey Look! It’s Another Chinese Android Slab Phone! http://tinyurl.com/dfdc7w #
  • Android Market has all kinds of stuff for dev. info now. Phone number and website have been added for users to check out. Thanks @timsuh! #
  • @evantravers Unfortunately, it most likely is. Don’t know any personal experiences to share but I imagine it is probably short term. in reply to evantravers #
  • @phonedog_john Loved watching you get your groove on to Soulja Boy and Lady Gaga for your software reviews! #
  • Snaptell & Shazam Video Reviews http://tinyurl.com/d7pvks #
  • @rainnwilson It’s not your fault people pay attention to you. Act as if you were in a room with family and friends. Speak your mind. in reply to rainnwilson #
  • JRuby Hacked to Run on Android http://tinyurl.com/bgc23g #
  • @ruslankogan oh yeah? do tell… in reply to ruslankogan #
  • Anyone seen or heard from Enkin? Those guys were really on to something… #
  • You Tell Us: What Have You Purchased in the Market? http://tinyurl.com/b77e2j #
  • Enhanced Version of CallerID by WhitePages Released into the Wild http://tinyurl.com/cz7srw #
  • App aside, the @TeleNav people are really cool bunch of folks. #
  • Make our Twitter feed better… you guys want Android only stuff or would you like to see more personality added? #
  • Alright so it’s settled. I heard a lot of both and appreciate all the feedback. I’ll add more “me” but stick close to what it’s been too. #
  • By “me” it will be just a glimspe into my life, but not full blown personal. Trying to offer more Android stuff not on the site too. #