Freshman / Father Team Unveil Cell Phone Industry’s First Game Rendered in OpenGL 3D

San Diego, CA (March 2, 2009) Jared Schrock, a high school freshman, and his father today announced the release of Metron3D, a galactic asteroid fighter game available for all Google android cell phones. Metron3D is the first cell phone application to render all game play elements using Google’s android implementation of the OpenGL 3D graphics API. 3D elements (e.g. Metron3D galactic starship, 3D asteroids, powerup effects, etc.) are combined with 2D background images derived from the NASA Hubble space telescope. This combination results in eye-appealing stellar game play for players challenging the galactic superhighway.

The game was released today for $2.99 and is available for purchase on all Google android phones. A free trial version with the game play for the first three levels was also made available. Game players can learn more at which was named by as one of the Top 10 new websites in February, 2009.

The Metron3D game player visits spectacular star nebula throughout the galaxies with the goal of clearing asteroid belts and creating a galactic superhighway. Six visually stunning and increasingly challenging missions offer demanding game play for all player levels. Players collect an impressive arsenal of Disruptor Missiles, Ship Shields, Quantum Bombs, and Multi-Strike Phasers to exterminate their adversaries. Invincible Shields are available for players who simply want to destroy the most asteroids possible and have the most fun doing it.

The game is so challenging that KArtists, Inc. has issued a game player challenge: the first game player to complete all six missions and score below 2,500 points will receive a $250 mission reward.

Rendering game play elements using the OpenGL 3D graphics API represents more of a technical challenge than a visual breakthrough for cell phone games. Even the most advanced cell phones today offer the graphics and computing capability of mid-1980’s era PCs. Jared and his father took on the challenge to render all animated game play in 3D to demonstrate that it could be achieved and to encourage cell phone designers to accelerate their graphics implementations on future phones, much as the PC industry did over time.

Metron3D was the result of a unique collaborative design effort. Jared Schrock, who aspires to develop games as his profession, served as the core game play designer and Java programmer. Rod Schrock, Jared’s father, served as lead programmer porting the application to the Android operating system. Both Jared and Rod received development expertise from the non-profit Wintriss Technical Schools Inc. of San Diego, California. Jared and his father learned Java programming at Wintriss Technical Schools. Four months ago they formed KArtists Inc. and began efforts to launch Metron3D, their first cell phone application. Graphic design consulting was provided by Johnston Creative Solutions of Escondido, California.

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  • Freshman / Father Team Unveil Cell Phone Industry’s First Game Rendered in OpenGL 3D (PRESS RELEASE)

  • tasos kleisas

    There are a lot of games rendered using opengl/es on android come, on ! The Gube and Robotic Space Rock are two examples.

  • Sam Allen

    Great game!! I just bought it today. Graphics are great!

  • stevO

    great game. i was sort of expecting a galaga type of game. but this game rocks. jhonston solutions in escondido? i live in escondido.

  • Tony S.

    I agree with Tasos Kleisas.
    There’s a lot of games using OpenGl

  • WBgirl

    Great game! The controls are a little difficult, but overall challanging and addicting. Sounds are good.:)

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