Dell Axim Running Android


For anyone out there wondering what a Dell Axim would look like running Android, head over to AxDroid.  A guy who goes by the name of Ertan D. has seemingly ported Android to his Axim x51v PDA.  The device has no physical keyboard on it, so Ertan (obviously) loaded the Cupcake development branch on it.

AxDroid – Android on Dell Axim x51v from Ertan D. on Vimeo.

While it’s not a fully functional handset just yet, he’s knocked out most of it.  The D-Pad works as well as the VGA touch screen, but WiFi and other options haven’t started jiving.  Thankfully, Ertan has put together a blog to follow along on his journey.


  1. I would absolutely love it on my old HP HX-4700. The browser on that huge VGA screen would be AWESOME, it could practically be a MID.