Resource Roundup: Android Communities, Old and New


While the Android community space has been dominated by the official Google Groups, this is not to say they are the only places to get community assistance with Android development.

The original independent community was, led by the indefatigable plusminus. They have 26 separate discussion boards, ranging from Q&A to tutorials to hardware hacking to job listings. Not all receive equal traffic — about a third have not been updated in the past week, for example — but the site overall has a large number of committed members and provides excellent assistance to those in need.

At the time of its launch, was a brand-new site, though it is certainly the oldest Android site at present. Conversely, this week one of the oldest Java communities, JavaRanch, got into Android and opened up an Android discussion board in their Big Moose Saloon. JavaRanch has 500,000 unique users each month, which is massive. While only a fraction will be involved in the Android board, already in the first week there has been a fair amount of Q&A.

JavaRanch will be continuing to expand the membership of the Android board via their book promotion program. For the inaugural week, they lured in some balding guy with some Android book to help out. Next week, it will be Ed Burnette’s turn with Hello, Android, and late March will see the debut of Manning’s Unlocking Android.

So, if your questions do not seem to get answered on the Android Google Groups, perhaps due to too much traffic for too many possible helpers, you might consider joining one of these other communities and seeing if they may be able to help you better…and perhaps you can help others there as well.

  • I have to say that “balding guy”, Mark Murphy of CommonsWare, is a quick reliable Android programming resource over in the Google Groups.

    ,Michael Martin
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  • @Michael:

    Thanks! I’d blush, but that really makes my scalp shine… 😉

  • I’m trying to get a developer community set up around

    I’m looking for developers to contribute high quality tutorials, and links to tutorials on the web, as well as get a discussion going about android development in general.

  • setting up Local Android Community in the Philippines…

  • david klein

    After having Windows-based phones for years, I bought the T-Mobile G1 last week. It’s SOOO much better!! Of course the first app I downloaded from Android Market was “FART MACHINE” (it even has a timer for surprise fart attacks!)……But Android is the future, perhaps the iPhone killer!