You Tell Us: What Do You Want to See Android on Next?

Android is slowly taking over the mobile world.  It has gone from one handset to a few more models already in the works. We’ve also seen ported devices, media players, and netbooks.  This week’s question: What do you want to see Android on next?

Set top box?  Standalone media player like Apple TV?  Intergrated into a home appliance?

Leave us a comment below and let us know where you’d like to see Android go from here.

  • Video recorder, and most of all: DivX Player.

  • I’d like to second the set-top box idea. Another similar, but different and interesting place would be the media players in the seat backs on airliners.

  • I would love to see android on a netbook or notebook. While I thoroughly enjoy having it on my phone, I feel that the OS is definitely robust enough to be on PCs. The only thing I could see it needing is an easier way to install software that is not in the andoid market (which would basically just require providing terminal access out of the box). If Android was to be the de facto standard for home users, then many of todays computing problems (viruses and botnets in particular) would be a thing of the past.

  • schwiz

    I would love to see more polish in general. The web browser could use a little work, Better support for streaming mp3s and video over the web, better media player, auto rotate and soft keys for all default apps, google docs support. I would rather see all that before focusing on moving it to other hardware.

  • Howie_in_AZ

    I’d like to see Google implement some sort of security for application authors that doesn’t rely on users not having root and not poking around in a so-called “private” directory.

    It’s an utter joke to think that a company like Google’s only solution to piracy is having ‘protected’ applications reside in an “app-private” directory.

    Forget having Android on other hardware, especially if application authors aren’t protected against piracy; developers will simply cease to write applications for Android and the whole platform will die a slow death.

  • mattviator

    Id like to see android on ….

    1) onboard computer system in vehicles mapping/gps managing audio/video and maybe for onstar like service

    2)interntet tablet device think nokia n810 with touch screen and a $200-$299 price point and built in ebook reader app

    3) television it is the perfect light os for televisions to access the hardware settings maybe surf the net a bit or launch the netflix app 🙂

  • John

    in terms of released products, we haven’t really seen Android much of anywhere other than the G1.

    I’d really like to see the Giinii mini get released (that handles mattviator’s request for a Nokia tablet like device).

    I’d like to see an actual netbook product, that makes it to release, not just some hacked concept. A convertible tablet netbook, 7″ and 9″. But, for this one, Android needs to shore up some shortcomings (full gmail features, full google reader features, full google docs features, and a fully featured IM client).

    I’d like to see the home phone product make it to market (forget which vendor that one was).

    I’d like to see a set top box for games, DVR, home media center, and maybe also home NAS and home router (wifi and wired).

    I’d also like to see a portable NAS/router, like a Novatel Mifi or Cradlepoint Personal Hotspot … only running Android.

  • Joshua

    I would really like to see some better games on Android. I know that EA has released Monopoly and there are a few ok games, but I would really like to see more better entertainment. Like RISK or some great basic games. I can only take so much SUDOKU. 😉

  • Joshua

    Oh, yeah, I would also like to see a google reader app. I was surprised that that was not integrated already, but I am sure it is in the works. Also -just a far-fetched idea- but it would be cool to see an application that can post-send text messages, emails or actually post-phone call reminder messages to people. Sometime I have the need to remind someone of something and am at work or previously occupied and it would be cool to have an application that can remind someone else for me (or a group of people) of something. And it would be cool if this application could do it at a specifically arranged time of my choosing. It would even be cool to integrate a pre-recorded voice message and have your phone call someone (who may not have a cell phone or a computer) and play a prerecorded message.

  • The Real Android

    I’d like to see an application that turns the mobile phone into a robot … maybe with a blue tooth interface so it could be connected wirelessly to the robot it was controlling. After you finished playing with the robot, you’d just take back your cell phone. Meanwhile, you could control the robot from your PC or even another cell phone. Way cool!

  • TareX

    On a Tegra-powered device with a full qwerty…

    Join the petition….

  • g_willi

    My comment is similar to @mattviator’s. I think that there is a future for more feature-rich vehicle entertainment systems and Android could be a good operating system for them. For example, I like the integration of my navigation system with the currency of Google Maps. I don’t want to have to buy a POI DVD every year that’s already 6mos to a year out-of-date when I get it. If a new Chipotle opens, I want the address now! 🙂 Or if it gets stolen, I want it to tweet its location so the police can go get it.

    In addition to Bluetooth hands-free with my phone, I want my vehicle’s entertainment system to operate as a stereo Bluetooth headset so that I can play the GBs of MP3s I have on my G1 over my car’s stereo system. Obviously before that can happen, the G1 needs to support stereo Bluetooth (Are you listening T-Mobile? Cupcake me now, dammit!).

    Or how cool would it be to stream your channels through your car’s stereo system? Or record video? Or take a picture of that moron in front of you turning left from the right lane so you can send it to authorities where he gets a nice ticket and a glossy photocopy of the photo you took? Ok, well, maybe not that. 🙂

  • Jack

    I would like to see microsoft activsync added, a better calender interfeace than the one currently in android and a way to keep the the phone from blanking out when you dial, to select inputs.

  • Kasper

    I want my N95 Androided. Symbian is horribly akward. If this was possible i would reflash my Nokia.

  • I’d like to see android on a set top box for home use for video conferencing… so you could talk to people in their homes or on their phones using video… and make the calling just a simple address book so you can choose to call their cell for cellular minute use or the video conferencing for video/audio use…

  • An iPhone style tablet with a screen 7 to 9 inches in size…basically an iPhone with a large screen. I think households will be tempted to buy more than one of these.

  • Tony S.

    With ONLY 1 phone in the market, I think the next thing I want to see Android on is… another Phone.

  • bull500

    More Phones in MORE MARKETS(ALL OVER THE WORLD), more Apps and more people embracing android and the Linux community.
    Also would like android getting ported to other handsets officially or atleast un-officially. It would be nice is android could integrate with Linux based PC’s seamlessly. 🙂

  • Reemo

    KASPER How true !!!!! the proven nokia look and solidity combined eith the 9300 based on android…… we’ll that means after prodcuing 1 billion of these phones you can close down forever….

  • specter

    Give me a flash player and all around better media player and web browser before. You start putting it on other phones. The g1 is cool but it was released to early….

  • +1 Tony S. !!!!

    More than anything else, I just want to see Android realize the potential that it has. Just yesterday, a fellow developer and I were comparing the “market” offerings of his iPhone 3G to my G1. And, it makes no sense that his 3G should look/display/behave so much better than my G1. Android needs to be offered on some world class hardware (like we KNOW HTC already can make !) so the average Joe lusts after it.

    Beyond that, let’s see some REAL applications that deliver on the promise of mobile computing …

  • Cooler gaming device !

  • Yaniv C

    1.) Flash support already
    2.) A true task manager that let’s me end tasks
    3.) Users (root-without having to hack anything)
    4.) Video recording, thus leading into video chat.

  • Caitlin

    I’d like to see Android running on a Browser as a plug-in. Alternately, as a Virtual Machine/Appliance.

    Being able to access the same apps running the same way from multiple environments would be useful.

  • Twistman

    We need the ability to save applications to SD cards… Why hasn’t this been integrated into Android yet? Why hasn’t a developer programed a 3rd party tool to accomplish this?? This is a must if we want to be able to push apps in the MarketPlace. Too many apps are being past over due to lack of space on the device!

  • chefgon

    I’d like to see a fully realized netbook port. I would love to pick up a cheap EEE 701 and put Android on it, but it needs full support for the higher resolution, a mouse pointer, and full support of all the hardware. It’s such a tease to see people hack it just enough to get it to boot, then give up on the project.

  • Jeff

    Integrated Automobile GPS/Computer.

  • Brandon

    I’m with Tony S.! More cellphone handsets please.

  • Corey

    I’d like to see Android on digital camera’s.


    1) Networking -> Transfer pictures wirelessly to your computer via LAN.
    2) Open source technologies -> Companies can sell their newest technologies by the software (instead of hardware/software packages). If better software comes out, it’s an update instead of a $1000+ purchase.
    3) Open source photo editing. Common-use technologies like “red-eye removal” provided to every camera by the same software.
    4) Applications I’m not thinking of -> perhaps someone will create an application useful to a digital camera device that I’m not thinking of. Maybe a geo-tagging option for non-gps enabled devices?

  • JB

    I have a really really really simple request. maybe I”ll even get around to trying to figure it out myself one of these days.


  • JB

    just realized my post is totally misplaced…. i’m awesome

  • Pieter Groenhart

    Is it too much to ask that i just want a standard form factor phone with t9 running on android? I used to be a palm treo (read: qwerty keyboard) fanboy for like 4 years, but for the last 9 months i’ve been using a nokia n82, and i must say i like the form factor very much, and i can type just as fast as i could on the treo. Why isn’t anyone else ever asking for android-running phones with that form factor? Is it just because small phones can’t handle android’s minimum screen resolution, or is there another reason (or have i maybe missed some product announcement)?

  • mikeandnee

    I would like to see support for flash video, WMV, and a Real Player app. It needs alot more media support, Youtube player is nice but there are alot of other media types not supported. Also needs built-in doc viewer and support for Word, Excel, Adobe pdf files and tiff support for reading faxes. Also, better controls for the camera, zoom, exposure, white balance, video, red eye, etc. It’s too basic to be useful.

  • ron

    I would like to see better anamation when going from screen to screen like the Iphone.

  • ron

    I would like to see better animation when going from screen to screen like the Iphone.

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