AG Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-08

twitter_0021 If all goes right, there ought to be a mobile version of the site in the next day or so. Stay tuned! #

  • Anyone on a G1 or iPhone wanna see if our mobile site loads properly? #
  • Special Offer Wallpaper Megaplex 2.6
    – Price was $14.99 Now $4.99 until Mar 6: Unlimited lifetime.. #
  • has now been given a mobile layout optimized for G1 and iPhone. It will get a more AG look soon, but it’s up! #
  • BTW thanks to EVERYONE who answered and provided feedback. You’re a loyal bunch! #
  • @phonescooper HD a factor? Commercials, DVD? I do not envy your dilemma! in reply to phonescooper #
  • @rainnwilson ermmmm. That’s what Anderson Cooper said? in reply to rainnwilson #
  • AG Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-01 #
  • AndroidGuys is G1 Optimized! #
  • App Review: SciencePal #
  • Cursory Look at GMote (VIDEO) #
  • STORE UPDATE Meteor Block Breaker 1.0 #
  • Special Offer Meteor Block Breaker 1.0
    – Price was $14.95 Now $3.99 until Mar 17: Stunning arkano.. #
  • QOTD: What is it about Android that attracts you to it? #
  • ADP1: Just Say Swap #
  • Freshman / Father Team Unveil Cell Phone Industry’s First Game Rendered in OpenGL 3D (PRESS RELEASE) #
  • Review scheduled for later today… AndFTP. Check back for it! #
  • RS TechMedic Released G1 Android Telemedicine Application for Remote Monitoring of Patient’s Vital Signs (PRESS .. #
  • Any of you guys watch Tim & Eric on Adult Swim? Thoughts on new season so far? #
  • 3banana notes app released into the Android Market. So far, me likey! #
  • Android Just Got Smarter -And More Social- With 3banana Notes (PRESS RELEASE) #
  • So… we’re looking for Reader Submitted App Reviews. Anyone care to share their opinions of Android apps? #
  • Saw a commercial for HTC. Been hearing about them for a long time but no sight. HTC Fuze. Good to see them getting mainstream exposure. #
  • Always have been fascinated with #David Byrne. A whole different plane from other people. #
  • I can’t wait for the day when OTA games start taking off with Android. Should make for some interesting apps. #
  • @pixeladdikt I think you are on to something there. Forget the fact that Android is phones only and look down the road at other devices… in reply to pixeladdikt #
  • App Review: AndFTP #
  • A Quick Look at Quick Uninstall #
  • Special Offer aTAKEphONE 1.07
    – Price was $9.95 Now $6.95 until Apr 4: Smart telephony on your An.. #
  • @morrildl Epic in reply to morrildl #
  • Sprint wants me to preview the #Palm Pre and learn how compelling of a device it is. I am curious to see how WebOS stacks up… #
  • @phonescooper No longer… Story for another day! in reply to phonescooper #
  • It will be a webinar, not a real device just yet. They did send me an Instinct back in the summer so we’ll see. #
  • @keef_ I bet they’d love to hear that review! in reply to keef_ #
  • Special Offer aTAKEphONE 1.07
    – Price was $9.95 Now $6.95 until Apr 4: Smart telephony on your An.. #
  • YouTube force closing on me today on the G1. Anyone else? #
  • Kinda digging the new Twitter layout. Trends and search are both welcome additions to home page. #
  • Dell Axim Running Android #
  • How long do you think before Android outpaces iPhone.? Analysts say 2012. What do you guys think? #
  • “There is a Possibility” of an Acer Phone for Christmas #
  • Resource Roundup: Android Communities, Old and New #
  • PC back up and running. It’s kinda refreshing to start with 0 RSS feeds and find out what was really important to me. Had lots of clutter. #
  • You Tell Us: What Do You Want to See Android on Next? #
  • Less than an hour to go for #Watchmen! #
  • Anyone else see #Watchmen? Thoughts? #
  • @HTCSource definitely! in reply to HTCSource #
  • Reader Submission – Locale: A Future Platform for the 1st Generation of Smart Apps #
  • Watchmen is cool but too long…

  • Tallbruva

    Don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but the Android Guys mobile site on the G1 looks waaaay better than AndroidGuys on PC.