Google Taiwan to Support Further Android Development


Google has opened a fresh work place in Taiwan to help further the development of Android powered devices.  The reason behind Google setting up its base in Taiwan might well be to stay in closer touch with fellow OHA hardware members HTC.  As you all know, HTC is behind the first ever Android mobile and is following it up with the Magic, to be released some time in the next quarter.

Asus, a recent Open Handset Alliance member, has a slew of products (hopefully) in its pipeline a mobile and hopefully they might soon bring an Asus Eee PC loaded with Android.  Asus is also based out of Taiwan, so draw your own conclusions!

Google might team up with the regional companies not only from Taiwan but also from China and Japan to explore further areas in Android development. What is interesting to see is whether Google would soon pitch  Android as a full-fledged desktop OS.  It seems like each passing week, the future implications are becoming much more apparent with Android, as it spreads to new hardware configurations.

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  • Mike

    Google Philippines anyone/?

  • LOL

    lol cool…but justletting you guyz know that pic is not Taipei it is hong kong

  • CPB Google Philipiines

    How do you know its Hong Kong? Hmm..

    Anyway, they should have set-up there Android Base in the Philippine because its cheaper.

  • Sowing

    That’s not Hong Kong you idiot, it’s Taipei 101, tallest building in the world (at this moment).

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