Seeking Feedback – Help Improve AndroidGuys!


We’re pretty pleased with the progress we’ve made with AndroidGuys over the last 16 months.  We’re proud to say that we’re one of, if not the, most popular Android/OHA sites on the internet.  Never one to stand still, we’re looking to continue to grow our site and improve upon it.  And we want your help.

It’s time to throw your ideas out and tell us what you’d like to see more (or less) of on AndroidGuys.  Here’s a few topics, but these are just to start the discussion.  Feel free to suggest something that you think could improve the site.

  • Software Reviews
  • Accessory Reviews
  • Opinion & Editorials
  • Reader Submissions
  • Hacks/Leaks/Port News
  • ???

If you personally have ideas that you’d like to help implement, let us know!  We’re always open to additional help and the occasional articles. Do you have a mobile/tech site that you’re looking to help promote with a little double duty writing?  Drop us a line!  We’d love to hear from you.

  • FOrum?

  • efan78

    I must admit Mike’s idea was something I thought too. It’d help foster a sense of community. I don’t know about any of the other Android communties as they seem to be more aimed at developers or the more techy folk.

    But the rest of the ideas are great, in fact I might start drafting some reviews myself (although they’d be purely amateur!) What sort of word restriction (approx) are you looking for?

    But my main feedback is that you’re doing a great job and I look forward to seeing that little white icon popping up on my twitter stream!


  • Would be great to have a section for each Operator using the platform. T-Mobile UK have screwed up their latest update (killing Google Latitude in the process) and there is nowhere here to go on about it.

  • katre

    1) Stop with the twitter updates. If I wanted to know what was in your twitter feed, I’d follow you.
    2) Stop with the press releases. If it’s something cool, write an actual article about it and link to the press release, but I don’t want to read a bunch of PR droid speak to figure out if something is cool or not. That’s your job.
    3) Fix the layout of your site. The right-hand ad panel is pushing the comments to the bottom of the screen, so I never see them. If I hadn’t wanted to complain about #1 and #2 above I don’t think I’d have realized the comment section was all the way down here.

  • TareX

    Well I’d say more news…. I remember reading many Android big news on other general tech blogs and not seeing it ever reach this site.
    Also, try to associate news with videos or images….
    As for a forum, I think it would distract from the main blog…

    Other than that, keep it up 🙂

  • p47

    tutorials dedicated to some recently important topics. – written by programmers (GPS, some unpleasant activities).
    some space for developers to look for graphics, coprogrammers etc. – I know Craiglist is for this propose but I would like to see sth like this.

    news from the world (I still don’t know when Ill be able to sell apps in Europe and Asia), and on what topics ppl are working.
    Some space like I would like an app like…

  • I liked the old Android Guys font better … just my .02 !

    And, opening up an Opinion area for well crafted submissions would be cool.

    Thanks !

  • pjv

    At the moment you are doing great. Don’t sweat. Keep up the good work!

    Maybe AG could watch for interesting commits to the Android source code?

  • pjv

    Oh yeah, and maybe track (or even organize) some international events related to Android. I think you missed Android Dev Camp Amsterdam and FOSDEM.

  • I think the site’s going well. The one thing I’d like to see is more app reviews. Android is amazing, but it’s the apps that make it stand out. I’ve been tring to get some good app reviews posted on my blog, but have not had the chance.

  • Yeah, Keep up the good work.

    I think a forum would bring your community together!

  • twilightwolf90

    I second (or third) the creation of a forum.

    I enjoyed the building ‘droids articles. Could we get some more?

    Also, can we work on the layout of the site, but more specifically, the speed that the page loads… It takes more than 30 seconds on both IE and Firefox…

    Thanks for listening to little me.

  • I have to say that androidguys is by far my favorite android related site. 1) you’re easy to contact 2) You’re really making an effort to build a community

    I regards to updates, I have one small request. Comment threading. I recently installed a free wordpress plugin on my site called intensedebate and really like it. You should give it try.

  • Roy

    I’d like to see a mobile version of the site, configured with Android Phones in mind.

    Also, maybe you should do like a weekly update on new phone rumors or whatever, because it is really annoying to get all this news about Android Phones that I don’t really care about, because I already have one (and most followers of your blog will have the same).

    As far as reviews, I’d like to talk to you about that. I won’t write frequently, but rather try to watch trends or think about future possibilities for applications.

    I second the twitter updates. Don’t do those anymore.

  • Colin Breame

    Hey, I love the site.

    My suggestions would be these:

    1) The layout/design is really “busy”, I think you need to remove from the pages all that isn’t necessary.
    2) Remove the “Tag Cloud” – maybe have another page “View by tag”
    3) Remove the Carrier News and Handset News – these are tags right?
    4) Change the layout to something like To me, this is one of the best designed websites out there.
    5) Make an article a block with a snippet (e.g. the first 100 words from the article) and a “Read more link”
    6) Too many menu bars – I don’t understand what the colour menu bar is for.
    7) Maybe a “Links” box on the right hand side. This could contains links to “Carrier News” tag, “Handset News” tag, and other “categories” (like OP-EDS, Rumours, etc.)
    8) use friendly URLs. e.g. /rumours is much nicer than using ?cat=xx
    9) maybe an app directy like

    Apart from those things I think that your site is nice.