Google Helps Developers Catch Up, Releases ADP 1.1

android_devsThere’s good news coming out of the Google camp this week for Android developers.  ADP 1.1 has been released for owners of the Dev Phone.  Designed to address bugs in the alarm clock, device sleep, POP3 email, and email notification, the biggest change is in regards to the paid app situation that many experienced the last two weeks.

Developers now have access to the paid apps from the Android Market, save for on caveat.  Copy protected, or “forward-locked” apps will still not be available.  The software developers who are concerned with unauthorized redistribution of their apps have the ability to upload copy protection in their title when handing it over to the Android Market.

Dan Morrill writes on the Android Developers Blog

…Phones like the ADP1 allow for unrestricted access to the device’s contents, making it impossible to enforce copy protection. As a result, the Market application on such devices is not able to access copy protected apps, whether they are free or paid. If you choose to add copy protection when you upload your application to the Android Market, then you won’t be able to test it on the ADP1’s Android Market client… and if your application (whether it is free or paid) is not copy-protected it will appear on all devices, including developer configurations.

For a full list of changes and notes on ADP 1.1, head to Developers Blog.

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