Android Around the World: Paid Apps Have Arrived in UK


By the time many of you read this, G1 owners in the UK will have already started downloading their first paid apps from the Android Market.  This is great news for not only those Android owners living across the pond, but developers as well.  Now that people are able to make a profit off of their time and investments, perhaps a whole slew of innovative and creative apps will start to hit the market.

So, for any of you living in the UK, what titles are you seeing that interest you the most?

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  1. Tilk
    March 13, 01:45 Reply

    I bought a simple colour matching game called Blurper, which really have me hooked. The market seem to lack good 3D games

  2. TareX
    March 15, 03:41 Reply

    I can't see why the G1 is getting dirt cheap in preparation for the G2 arrival, simply because the G1 is clearly the SUPERIOR PRODUCT in both hardware (keyboard) and software (apps that need the keyboard).

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