Android Around the World: Orange France Getting G1 Tomorrow


The Android world tour continues with the next stop being France.  As of March 15th, customers of Orange France will have a handful of monthly plans to choose from to go with their Android device.  The rates range from €23 to €36, or around  $30 dollars to $45 US dollars.

We’ve seen a handful of sites reporting that the phone will sell for €99, roughly $125 US dollars.  This puts the price about $50 less than us here in the US, but nowhere near that free price the UK folks get!

  • JaXX

    actually, the rates are much higher than that. Depending on the plan choosen, they range at a bottom price of 39€, 42€ and 57€ (3€/month rebate if subscribed b4 end of april)… each offer has 4 or 5 prices depending of the talk time choosen. The data plan included, isn't even a "fair-use" of 500MB or 1GB, Orange has hardened the limits now where before they didn't really care. We're getting screwed over time even more, and the governement is being slug in letting a 4th operator come on the market (actually, the one who created the all-you-can-get-all-inclusive-best-effort-ADSL at 30€/month… and one our president's best friend is M. Bouygues, the owner of the third operator which doesn't want to see his 40% margin melt down)

  • JaXX

    BTW… now that there's a beginning of feedback on the phone (some stores starting selling them since a couple of days) : Orange totally crippled the G1's ability to synchronise OTA contacts and calendars… they're (almost officially) waiting to see if the associated data plan will be "OKayish" or not… Hear me well: When the iPhone came out, exclusivly on Orange's network, they had an easy to figure data plan: "All OK as long as you don't abuse, you can even go beyond the contract 500MB without any big risk" .. now it "Oh, you're signing a hard limit of 500MB/1GB, but fear not, we're making it flaky enough you won't even approach it in dreams, and believe it or not, it'll cost you more!"