March 29, 2015

Live Folder Demo for Android (VIDEO)

live_folders_diggThis is where the fun begins!  One of the new (and extremely cool) features of the Cupcake development branch is the Live Folders.  Better Android, the guys behind the recent Open Home desktop tweak, have released some video of what is possible with Live Folder.

Imagine being able to check your stock quotes, RSS feeds, fantasy sports, and more with live updates!  With the recent growth in Twitter and Facebook’s changes last week, people are wanting to stay connected in a more “real time” manner.

Check out the video below and see how Digg integrates into the Live Folder.  I’m getting more excited by the week for Cupcake, how about you guys?

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  1. sLoP

    What's the big deal with it? In the list all headlines are terribly truncated so you are forced to open virtually every item if you want to see the whole headline. And from what i've seen so far, using Google Reader seems to be far superior in usage. First, you see the whole headline and second if you open the item in GReader, it unfolds to a nice summary or preview of the article with most feeds. So please someone explain why i should be excited…

  2. Romain Guy

    sLoP: The whole point of live folders is that they can contain anything (contacts, bookmarks, music, email, etc.) and the folder autoupdates. It's just a way to quickly access any kind of data from Home.

  3. androidguys

    Thanks for answering! Glad to see you stop by, BTW. Aren't you too busy, off coding the next big thing?

  4. ktt

    I wish the Live Folder icon had an overlay with number of items in it, just like MacOS Dock icons.


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