Rhetorical Questions

rhetoricalsI’ve been thinking a lot about Android lately.  Imagine that!  As I go back and look through some of the things that have happened over the last year, there are a lot of unanswered questions that come to mind.

Here’s a handful of questions that I’ve been kicking around my head for a while.  Some of them have definite answers, others could probably be debated endlessly.  I’ve assembled 10 of them for your reading pleasure.  Be sure to add your 2¢ in the comments below!

  1. Why haven’t we seen anything at all from Motorola in regards to their social networking handset?
  2. Speaking of, will the handset have virtual buttons that change according to your app – like the Moto ROKR?
  3. Why does the king of all search engines have such a second rate search tool for the Android Market?
  4. How many people really know what Cupcake is and why they want it?
  5. Who is spending money in the Android Market?
  6. How many more trade shows (MWC, CTIA, CES) will Android not show up to?
  7. Who wants live folders/widgets as bad as I do on their phone?
  8. Anyone else finding their G1 more useful by the day?
  9. Has anyone figured out what eBay brings to the Open Handset Alliance yet? Live widget at some point?
  10. Where in the world is the 2nd Android Developers Challenge?

  • Daniel Monzelowsky

    I'm excited for Cupcake, and yes, every day I find something new to do with my G1. I can't remember what life was like before it… all 2 months ago!!

  • Damian Keeghan

    I'm extremely interested about the 2nd Android Developers Challenge, can't wait to get some Australian specific apps out there, but so much other paid work at the moment I can afford to spend time for free :S

  • Neo

    Where is the 1st Android Developer Challenge. I have only seen a handful of the apps that were supposed to be out there. And now some have changed names and started to charge. What is with that.

  • Mike

    How about adding,: When will Google include other countries in the Android Market (buying phone,etc..) conferences and events!

  • Zach Oglesby

    There is only one thing I want from cupcake, a2dp bluetooth.

  • Greg

    Looking forward to Cupcake for the A2DP BT, also find, copy, and paste in the browser. I would like widget support ONLY if it doesn't kill the battery. I would use the widget API to develop a widget similar to WinMo's 'Today Page'. That and A2DP are the only things I miss from my old WinMo phone. Moto-who? They haven't been relevant in years. If they can eek out an Android phone before they go belly up, maybe they can regain a fraction of their previous status.

  • Thomas520

    I agree with your thoughts Scott, What I would like to know is… 1) Why (google, T-mobile) has put out a pretty nice phone on the market, and then left? 2) Why are more people concerned of what the G2 may hold? When the G1 has so much potential? 3) Why hasn't some of the big named companies put out apps that have been released on other smart-phones? They have had more then a year to plan for this….. 4) Why didnt they plan for apps to be placed on the SD card or at least allow the programmer the option of running it from there? 5) Has google gone the way of Microsoft / Apple in that they have gotten to big for their own good. QUANTITY (make sure every phone has us) vs. QUALITY (make sure whom ever has us, has the best app features we can put out) 6) Is Androids open market really that appealing to the "big" programmers, or is it more for the "niche" hobbyists who are good enough to put out an app, but not good enough to work at (big name company placed here)… Yes I love my G1, find plenty of things each week that keep me interested, and damn if people STILL get jealous because I have it, and they dont. T

  • John

    I love my G1 and particularly love the cloud computing model. I rely heavily on the calendar, contacts, gmail and tasks. I love that I can make changes on a computer or my G1 and everything syncs up automatically and wirelessly. BUT: 1) I'm amazed and disappointed that there isn't an app for viewing and editing Google docs, namely word documents and spreadsheets 2) I want a password manager that's based on cloud computing.

  • Eric Hill

    To comment on question number 3, I really want to know this too. I think the current state of the Android market is absolutely horrible. There is so so much garbage out there and it is nearly impossible to discover new apps that are actually good. Searching for an app by name/function isnt always worthwhile as half the time I dont know I need/Want an app until I read the description. Google really needs to get rid of that "most popular" section that shows the app icons across the top of the market and implement and "developer recommended" and or "new apps that show great potential" section.

  • Todd A

    What happened to the "high end" Sony Ericsson Android phone ? Is DataViz EVER going to release Documents To Go ? When will useful apps begin to proliferate at a higher rate than "crapplications" ? And, finally, WILL HTC EVER LEARN TO PUT ANDROID ON WORLD CLASS HARDWARE ?

  • radio_babylon

    "Why does the king of all search engines have such a second rate search tool for the Android Market?" ^ this. and "second rate" is being generous… third or fourth rate is more accurate. which relates to: "Who is spending money in the Android Market?" i dont know. but not me, for sure. havent spent nickle one, since i cant find anything id want.

  • Neo

    Who has said they left? They put out an update just a month ago, and before that another update just a couple months before that. I think too many had too high of an expectation. I also think that they had to push this device out to the market before it was ready to compete with iPhone. Give them a year to get things straight (it is their first rodeo) and then make complaints.

  • TareX

    I ECHO your third question as far as I can…. I can't believe the Palm Pre with it's Universal Search (just start typing…. it scans your apps/contacts then gives you a Wikipedia/Google/Maps link) is much more superior to the lame Search widget…

  • Thomas520

    Your point is valid Neo, but what I meant in that (google and T-mobile left) was the push of its phone through commercials. The iPhone is still pushed and with many different ads showing off many different apps. T-mobile still shows the same lame ad that doesnt really show what the phone is/ can do now. Most of the apps the iPhone does, you can also do on the G1. Did Apple keep (google/ T-mobile from pushing their apps too? I hope not, because Verizon's ads for the Blackberry Storm shows off apps. They (google and T-mobile) have blown it in this area. I feel in this area – sorry they left the promotion of the phone behind.

  • De Andre R.

    [Quote] Anyone else finding their G1 more useful by the day? [Quote] I actually find myself a little more disappointed everyday and thinking that i should have bought an iphone instead. I bought the g1 thinking about what it could be and thinking it would hit that quickly. The iphone OS 3.0 is what android should have been from the start and i feel sad for it because it was basically rushed out the door as an unfinished product and has many upgrade to go before it hits a level close to the iphone in the form of what you can do on it and how fast you can do it. I won't be truly happy with android until they give it all the functionality it should have had from the start like bluetooth and to stop underclocking it.

  • Walter Kovacs

    Where is Samsung's Android phone? The OmniaHD is the hottest phone on the planet and they went Symbian??????

  • Chefgon

    I've been saying since it was announced that Motorola's Android phones will never see the light of day. Social Networking handsets? They're just making crap up to see if some investor will come along and throw money at them.

  • Neo

    And they have only had 2 years to develop OS 3.0 besides the many years they have been working with iPods. (I understand that an iPod isn't the same as the iPhone but lets face it, they had more experience with portable electronics than Google did) Part of the bluetooth issue was licensing. Because of the way Bluetooth is you have to have a special license from the original makers to write the software for it. Bluez had to be contacted for this. I am glad it is underclocked. You may not know what good comes from underclocking. In fact I bet your home computer is underclocked right now… or it better be, underclocking lets the CPU run more efficiently at lower speeds, using less power and generating less heat. This means they don't have to use expensive heat sinks and more expensive and larger batteries. (the battery life right now is below average because of the radio not the CPU) Give it time, this is Google's first attempt at an official OS, let alone a mobile OS. This is also T-Mobiles first time dealing with 3G. I think for a first launch of two different and complicated systems they have done extremely well.

  • good questions only the future will tell for android. thanks

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