Behold the Amazing Circle Zoom of the G2 Phone!

android_cupcake_zoomDid ya catch the circus announcer’s tone from the headline?

Check out the following video from CNET, which shows some of the new features coming with the HTC Magic handset.  The rumored T-Mobile G2 phone has a sexier look to it than its predecessor, so why shouldn’t the software get the same treatment?

It’s nice to see somewhat lesser known things popping up, like the circular zooming for web and photo browsing.  We’re happy to see attention being paid to little details, making the user experience more enjoyable and intuitive.

Also, be sure check out the video recording feature which allows you to publish your videos straight to YouTube.  Hopefully it won’t be long until companies like Flickr and Photobucket make it easy to share photos.

Respect knuckles to Phandroid for the find!

  • Thomas520

    The little bits of info on the G2 that keeps coming out really looks good, but I also wonder why certain options arent leaps and bounds over the G1? Is the processor behind it the same or better? Just thinking why everyone would want a G2 when it does only a "few" things more then the G1? Either way, I am still excited that the Android phones are stepping up. Now if they can only fix the market…… T

  • David Manpearl

    What few things? Pls don't say Video – Cupcake'll give this to the G1. Is the screen larger? Does it have a faster processor? I think the kbd is a huge loss being both useful and one of the only advantages over iPh***.

  • Alfonso Surroca

    As I understand, the G2 is literally the G1 minus keyboard plus exterior refresh.

  • Chefgon

    The G2 and G1 share identical internal hardware specs, the only difference is the form factor. This isn't a second generation Android phone, it's just an alternative version of the first gen hardware. When the G1 gets its fabled cupcake update, they will be running identical software as well.