Even T-Mobile Thinks the Android Market Needs Better Filters

magnifying_glassCole Brodman, T-Mobile‘s CTO, thinks the Android Market could use a little help on the filter and search side of things.

Pointing to YouTube as an example of how things could (and should) be done, he stated, “Users have a hard time searching through that long tail.” Brodman also suggests tools that can automatically present users with applications that match their interests.

Cole’s sentiments echo a growing trend among G1 owners.  With over 2,300 apps available in the Android Market, it is getting harder to stay on top of the quality titles.  You’d think that a company like Google wouldn’t have this issue, but unfortunately it does.  The problems will only compound as more apps are introduced.

Brodman was speaking yesterday before Apple unveiled their new iPhone 3.0 information and was asked about future updates to Android.   When prompted about video recording and a soft keyboard (Cupcake), he replied, “They’re working on a number of innovations. Some of the ones you mentioned are certainly some of the ones that are being worked on.

Also interesting in the PCWorld article were a few statistics. Among them:

  • About 1/3 of all apps in the Android Market are paid
  • 80% of G1 users access the web daily
  • The typical G1 owner has downloaded over 40 apps
  • Matt Soreco

    They should have an "editor's picks" section. To weed out the 700 fart apps, tip calcs, and useless web page wrappers.

  • M. A.

    I'm with you on that one Matt!

  • Thomas520

    They also need a "publishers" section for all their apps, so the market isn't over loaded with 30 aHome, Open Home, comics book apps…. from the same publisher all in the same day, so those who like that particular publisher / app, can one click to see ALL the apps. That way updates / new apps just show the one icon, and you have to click it to see all the new ones. T

  • rd1

    They could really use many more ways of sorting and searching for apps. More categories, search filters, sorting by rating, rising stars list, oh and desktop searching would be great. Honestly the easiest answer would be opening an XML API and letting the community go to town.