Tether Your G1 and Share That 3G Speed!


Alright, so admittedly, this article isn’t for everyone.  It’s for the select few out there with G1’s who live in a T-Mobile 3G market.

Your day of harnessing that 3G speed to power your mobile computing has arrived!  Tethering your Android handset to your PC is now possible without needing root access.  It is possible to get a full internet and email experience on your laptop without messing with all kinds of settings on your phone and/or computer.

Previously available for Windows Mobile, Palm, and iPhone, PdaNet is a simple download from your laptop. Hook your phone up via USB, and you’re off!  Okay, so you don’t need to have 3G to do this.  You could always use EDGE in those instances where you have to get online.  Of course, that’s what your G1 is for anyways.

But wait, there’s more!  As an added feature that anyone with a G1 can appreciate… your phone will charge at the same time!

Source: GoogleAndBlog

  • Dirk

    Its an .exe Download. Can anyone confirm this is not Windows-Only? Regards, Dirk


    .exe is a universale file extention and the android os can understand alll microsoft files, i am a g1 owner and have access to both excel, word, powerpoint files i created and or when sent as an attachmentm i have access to veiw it. th G1 is great and all, but it is a failure when it comes to the battery. im buying a replacement battery that is 2600mah compared to the stock 1125ma. the 2600mah willl give me a true 12 hour play compared to my lousy 3 hours and its dead…..

  • JMHL

    STICKY ICKY has no clue. Yes, this is a Windows-only executable, the computer you tether has to have a helper app running on it. (I haven't tried this yet, but that's how the Palm version of PDANet worked). I assume the .exe file installs this app under Windows. So this won't help you tether a Mac or Linux computer to your G1.

  • Tether Your G1 and Share That 3G Speed! http://tinyurl.com/ctrm9n

  • Surfer

    Kinda slow atm but it could be the 3G network. Easy setup.

  • Thanks a lot for this software I was waiting for something like this to arrive.

  • How about a linux version?

  • How about a linux version?


    >< a .exe ! I hoped to never see one after I switched to Linux.
    Guess I’ll stick with wifi tethering for now 🙂

    Thanks for the find

  • Very handy for when you have to pay for Wifi access (like in a hotel) and don’t really want to pay twice, once for laptop once for phone.

  • Mit dem Notebook per #T-Mobile #G1 mit UMTS Geschwindigkeit surfen. #PdaNet machts möglich. http://tinyurl.com/ctrm9n

  • George Watson

    “select few out there with G1’s who live in a T-Mobile 3G market”

    Like every G1 owner in the UK? 🙂

  • Thomas

    Does any know if T-mobile plans on giving 3G to everyone (in the USA)? I have been reading that 4G is in the works and with Verizon and AT&T having success in this market with 3G, it is leaving T-mobile behind. As these phone get more and more like mini computer, the need for the 3G/4G will be a must. Half the time I am even lucky to get edge, but between work, college, and home, I can hook up to wifi… otherwise, its not worth the trouble getting online.
    Any answers are appreciated.

  • JG

    How about bluetooth union capability?

  • Thanks I searched so long for this.


  • patsy

    I tried it with my Eee 900HA on XP, and it works very well indeed. Haven’t tried anything but web browsing yet, but so far so good. Occasionally the connection between PC and G1 flakes out and requires unplugging and replugging, but overall it’s great. While it’s currently still in beta and a free download, the BB and WM versions are around $30, which I’m not sure I would be prepared to pay for something that on other platforms comes for free.

  • namo

    Dang I just root my G1 2 months ago. Mennnn. I wish this came sooner… better late than never. Just incase I accidently press the factory reset I can alway use this with out rooting my phone again.

  • SuperRon

    Is this a US only application as I can not find it in the Android Market in the UK?

  • Hotscotch

    Unfortunately, it no longer works with T-mobile’s latest U.S. Cupcake update without hacking.

  • Andy

    Im trying to tether my G1 downloaded the software as per your page but I keep getting errors 103 and 104. any help please…

  • prince

    i got win 7 and i get 103 and 104 errors i need help

  • ACJW

    Do we know if this connects via ad-hoc?
    My phones already rooted, but wifi tether connects via ad-hoc which is limited to 11mbps, pretty sucky connection compared to what I COULD have.

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