Podcast 004 – Interview with 1Cast

ag_podcast_logo4I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Anthony Bontrager, CEO of 1Cast. I was able to snag him for a half hour and discuss the company, their app, and what the future holds for both.  If you are not familiar with 1Cast, I definitely suggest checking out their free app.  Available in the Android Market now, it allows users to create their own personalized news feeds.

Many thanks to Anthony and all the 1Cast folks who helped make this possible.  You’ve been more than patient and we definitely appreciate it.

NOTE!  This call was recorded using Skype Recorder and there are a select few times where the audio got overlapped.  Neither Anthony nor myself were as quick to jump in and speak as the podcast might indicate.  It may sound like he and I were overzealous to respond to each other, but in reality we didn’t.  I have to chalk it up to my poor AT&T DSL connection, who has since been replaced.

You can grab a direct link to the MP3 file here.


See ya guys with another podcast soon!

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