Rich Miner, Venture Capitalist?


If you’re familiar at all with the history of Android, you’ll recognize the name Rich Miner.  If you’re not, he’s one of the co-founders of Android, the company that was bought out by Google back in 2005.  He’s been there since the beginning and worn a few different hats.  If the rumors prove to be true, he’ll soon be wearing a new one for Google.  Venture Capilatist.  

A Reuters reporter was at a recent conference for web startups and noticed something strange sitting on a table – a name tag with Rich Miner and Google Ventures listed on it.  As of right now, there is no such this as Google Venture… At least not in any official capacity.

When contacted for more info, A Google spokesman said, “It’s a project we’re working on. But we’re not able to discuss the details right now.”  

Before the Android stint, Miner worked with another compay which was gobbled up by Orange.  Anyone care to guess what type of projects might be of interest to him and Google Ventures?

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