You Tell Us: What is it About Android That You Like Most?


We’re opening the Friday feedback up with a question that should get a whole gamut of answers.  Developers and fans alike can chime in with their opinions on this one, so we expect to see a wide variety of responses.  What is it about Android that you like the best?

Leave your comments below and share with the world!

  • TareX

    In two words: Desktops and Widgets I wish the Palm Pre had them.

  • geo wilz

    The seamless and user friendly integration of Google; Search, GMail, Contacts, Picasa, and cloud access to name a few. Further using Google Checkout your phone becomes a credit card! I carry a G1. On the road what does it replace? My camera, video recorder, radio, video player, calculator, calender, laptop, GPS system, Kindle, MP 3, Gameboy, alarm clock, flashlight, World Almanac, compass, picture album and I JUST discovered its also a phone! What a concept! 🙂

  • Lallo

    Information at your fingertips: Never get lost with Maps, always be a quick reply away with Gmail, amazing apps like Twitteriod, and much much much more

  • Mike

    It is Open-Source and coded using Java

  • liz

    The world at my fingertips

  • Bradicus

    Pull-down notification bar. This is simply the best part of the phone. It's also worth lumping in the multitasking nature of the operating system here, too. I love being able to glance at my phone and see the unobtrusive notifications right away, it lets me get stuff done quicker and more efficiently.

  • Chris

    It's not an iPhone.

  • Bittermormon

    Its on Tmobile so it was cheap. It should satisfy my phone cravings for a while, but I am really looking forward to A2DP and video recording.

  • Thomas520

    Lol @ Chris. I agree with you there. I love the google tie-ins, such as maps, picasa, g-chat, g-mail, calender…. I love the amount of apps you can get (even though some really suck), the MP3 player that allows you to create a ring tone with any song downloaded to your phone and more importantly being able to set every contact with a different one. Other apps worth mentioning; Twidroid, Where (w/ Yelp inside), Kiwi, aHome. I love the full qwerty keyboard too and the shortcuts you can set to it. Getting online and checking just about anything….Its a pretty solid phone, I cant wait for them to update (complaints from the masses), The apps are getting so much better! Its like a good wine that will only get better over time. T

  • radio_babylon

    easy automatic OTA sync of contacts/calendar/etc… thats the big one. the QWERTY keyboard runs a close second though.

  • Open Source Fanatic

    As a developer, I like the fact that it costs me nothing to get started developing and distributing applications.

  • pjv

    The great design (software design that is) of the Android platform. Even at the young age and maturity. And the gut feeling I have that (partly also because of the open source nature) the platform and many of the innovations introduced with it are going to survive and will still be there in the future. This makes my development effort worthwhile as it has become building on a common and broadly available platform for small form-factor devices, here to stay.

  • Chefgon

    The universal notification system. There's a lot of great things about the system and its SDK, but the notification bar + drawer is just an unbelievably well executed revolution in mobile interface design. It sounds like I'm blowing it out of proportion, but it really changes the way you interact with your device.

  • Brian

    I second that. I'm tired of close phone OS's and closed phones. Now Android is the phone OS I want, and all I need is a decent phone to go with it!

  • Todd A

    The open market for apps. I realize quick-buck artists abound, but there are many firms (like ours) that are going to help Android deliver on the promise of these little pocket-sized powerhouses ! Oh, yeah, the Java thing helps a lot !

  • Warwick

    The notification bar, what a great feature! Also seamless integration with Google online services and lots of information at my fingertips.

  • pezmanlou

    It is open source, it uses my gmail contacts list, and it makes me feel good to use it ^.^

  • mark

    You said it. I bought a G1 on day 1. I just bought an iphone. Guess who the winner is. Android may be a great OS (in the future) but with the App store and Itunes the iphone wins. The fact that the apps work all the time is a great thing, I I had problems with the android apps working while the iphone apps don't fail me. The analness of apple may be the difference.

  • Walter Kovacs

    ORLY? Have you looked at the Android source code? Most of it, and certainly anything significant, is coded in C or C++. A Native Development Kit is on the cards and until it arrives Android is going to have a hard time competing with other native platforms like Symbian an iPhone, especially when it comes to games.

  • efan78

    It was the QWERTY keyboard that got me first, a real keyboard with proper keys and all the extras (shift, alt etc…) That was what pulled me in to the G1. Then I started to look at what Android actually was and when I realised it was Open Source I thought 'that's a bonus'. It was only when I started using it, and seeing all the apps that people had developed using that Open Source base (aHome, dxDesktop, DroidSans, Phonebook) that it really sank in, this phone can be anything you want it to be! Since I've bought my G1 I've been able to laugh at my boss and a few other collegues who've bought an iPhone. Sure Apple are going to give them MMS support and Bluetooth and Cut & Paste and all the other stuff, but we've got it now! I'm really looking forward to seeing what the Android developers have in store for us because I know one thing – At least we don't have to wait for T-Mobile, HTC or Google to decide they want to make a big announcement before we can get exciting new st00f!

  • Mark

    You do have some valid points. I think that in the future android will be great but I still had app. issues that I don't have with my Iphone. ( the same apps that are available for both.)

  • Dewang

    Love google services on my mobile + some really cool games – I love Guitar Hero and Cubik cubik yeah I' m a Tetris addict 🙂

  • Don Is Good


  • Don Is Good

    Correction: NEED VIDEO CALLING

  • Anderson Nobre

    This phone kicks iPhone A$$… The most important thing… Kernel linux!!!! Need video recording, file transfer and DUN bluetooth profiles, x86 support!

  • Mark

    I have to admit that it does hick the Iphone's a$$, at stretching out the case. Now my Iphone fits perfect.

  • tyler

    You need to learn alot more about the phone man, it runs on a linux kernel 2.6 not kernel linux and we do have video recording thanks to a developer and the java coding that all apps run on inside the linux kernel, x86 and file transfer and dun are all coming very shortly with the cupcake branch and is available to all developers currently so we are just waiting on them to develop the apps… all in all f the Iphone!!!! haha

  • pjv_

    Try some apps that are NOT available on the iPhone. Many "developers" cut corners and try to port iPhone or other apps without too much effort which results in, unfortunately, many very bad apps.

  • Mdeva

    I lost all my contacts TWICE on my Brackbelly, cause the USB port died on it AND on its replacement! NEVER AGAIN thanks to Goog.

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