Preliminary News on ADC II

adcThe Android community got its first glimpse into ADC II. The original Android Developer Challenge was underway (or close to it) by this time last year, but nothing had been heard on the intended follow-up competition…until two days ago.

Dan Morrill, in a post to the [android-developers] Google Group, wrote:

Regarding the second Developer Challenge, it definitely isn’t canceled but we haven’t announced plans for it yet.  We said we would by last year (sorry about that), but we’re still working on how to structure it.  The world is quite a bit different now than it was when we ran the first ADC, so we want to make sure the new rules/structure make sense, and we are of course taking into consideration everyone’s experiences with the first ADC.  The second ADC will definitely not be a clone of the first ADC.

We expect to have all this finalized and announce rules within a couple months.  The event itself will likely run in the second half of the year.

To me, this means everything is up for grabs: judging criteria, judging process, who all is eligible, etc. If I were a betting man, I would think that perhaps there would be an announcement shortly before or at Google I/O in late May.

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  • Hetal_Patel

    I think Gogle Should Make ADC2 for 3 Category, OS, OS Components and Applications. And This time they sud make a Compulsion to malke OS and OS Component Open Source and all ADC2 Summited Application sud be free. Cause getting reward from ADC and then again making the Application paid is not good. In First ADC i think Pacman have been award fro ADC at some Level but i am sure being a paid application very less people might have used it also. So my Recommendation to ADC2 There sud be 3 Category for ADCII 1. OS Source Code Submission (For Better Developments of OS) 2. OS Component Submission (Codecs, Stacks, Library, Framework & SDK) 3. Applications (But all apps Submitted for ADC-II must be Free for Users)