Android Around the World: Italy Gets G1


g1_timNext stop on the G1 world tour – Italy!  Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) is the latest carrier to offer the Android handset commonly referred to as the G1.  Since that name belongs to T-Mobile, they took a cue from HTC’s code name for the device and called it something you might be familiar with.Known simply as “Dream”, the phone is available now for customers in much the same way as the rest of the world -You can sign up to a contract and get it for free or you can spend €429 (roughly $540 US dollars) and get it prepaid.

We already know that free G1’s on contract are appealing, but does dropping $540 to get it prepaid sound good to anyone?


  1. Does the $540 prepaid phone come with a data plan for surfing the web and checking email etc.? If it does, i wouldnt mid splashing out on one…but then it might be good to wait for a G2…

  2. Free G1 but with an insane plan of 180€/month! Even if i'm a developer i will wait for the Magic from Vodafone that will be released in Italy in mid-april, for 149€ + 25€/month plan…