Acer’s “A1” to Arrive in Fall

a1_acer_phoneYou gotta love rumors that come across like “This comes from a guy, who knows a guy…“  Such is the case with the Acer Android-based handset rumor.

This one comes via TalkAndroid who found it in the The Philippine Business Mirror.   An unknown source within Taiwan-based Acer claims that their first Android handset will be known as the A1 and will feature  a full touch screen.  This handset is rumored to be launching in September alongside 3 other phones.

Wonder if it will look at all like that Stormtrooper-esque slab phone?

  • Mike

    Nice , no qwerty keyboard? hmm let us see the price and the hardware specs

  • Chris_Fagan

    My guess is that very few android devices will have a full qwerty keyboard. Two reasons; 1) makes the phone bulky 2) on screen keyboards are becoming quite advanced thus making qwerty keyboards obsolete. Just my 2 cents.

  • TareX

    Without officially embedded multitouch, onscreen keyboards would be crippling. It would tremendously slow down your typing speed, and if you hit two keys at once, you'll get a misspelled word. Which is why Android touchscreen-only phones are at a huge disadvantage. If you want a touchscreen phone, get an iPhone. If you needed "openness", jailbreak it… it's the only kind of openness end consumers should care about anyway…

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