Palringo Launches its Multi-Service IM Application on Android Market

palringo_android_headerAnother cool app has arrived in the Android Market in the form of  Palringo.  This application ties together many of the popular messaging and social networking services such as Google Talk, MSN, Facebook, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, iChat, and more.

With the ability to run in the background, users can share their location with friends using the location awareness without having to do any work. Another easy to use feature is the ability to share pictures in 2 steps. Check out the video below to see how it works.

Palringo can be downloaded for free in the Android Market.

Have any of you already started using this app?  What do you think of it so far?  Leave a comment!

  • juanjux

    Doesn't work very well. It disconnect frecuently when the phone sleeps and it leaves an icon on the status bar even when the program is not running (unremovable.)

  • Jan-C. Borchardt

    Lots of location, photo and push-to-talk blabber. Palringo does not have any message history whatsoever! Meebo provides history in the cloud, I am going to go with that until Google Talk supports ICQ and Jabber protocols. The mobile user interface, namely the home tab, is very crowded and provides unnecessary information. At the moment I can't even go back to the messenger because it seems to be running (in the notification bar) but does not open. On top of that, the video reveals a cockyness of the dev I just don't like. »The best IM app for mobile phones« and »meebosux«—try implementing basic features first. Unrelated: Why can't my name be longer than 20 characters? Never had that kind of error message before. »Error! Your name is too long or too short, please make it between 3 and 20 characters.«

  • Jan-C. Borchardt

    Sorry, I have to clarify that the last paragraph is regarding the comment system on this site. 😉 Feel free to merge the posts.

  • El Guapo

    Tried to use it, but messages I was sending myself as a test did not make it to my phone. They were just gone. Try again polrango!

  • M.D.

    I happen to love it! It still has room to improve obviously but I am quite grateful that the effort was made to create the app for the android platform in the first place. Beggars can't be choosers! The front tab isn't really that confusing but then again I am partially biased since I have enjoyed using Palringo on my n95 before Nimbuzz dominated my life!

  • Shonzilla

    Ability to access message history would be greatly appreciated, i.e. necessary for most users. Just as Jan-C., I too have a big issue with application not returning after selecting it from the notification bar. Apparently application has gone into logged out state since you need to start application and log in again. That's another usability bluff right there. The application is a good start and it may be usable for some people, but there's more to go to live up the potential and a even more to go to say "the best IM app for mobile phones" (at what point it would make no sense to brag). Cheers! Shonzilla

  • Twistman

    I have been a Palringo fan and user on other platforms for quite some time. I am glad to see it on Android, however I am disappointed that it logs you out when the phone sleeps. This is a must FiX. I also really would like the Push to Talk feature activated.