Three Months In, Android Has 5% of US Smartphone Market Share

admobAccording to recent figures released by AdMob Mobile Metrics, Android has grabbed 5% of the US smart phone market.  This is up from 3% in January.  Not too shabby for a clunky device, is it?

Also in the report is a stat that says 5.2% of all smartphone web traffic comes from the G1.  While these figures are nowhere near the iPhone numbers, it’s nice to see Android right behind Palm and within range of Microsoft.  There’s something to be said about phones with great web browsers.  Your move, Ballmer.

Wonder how these figures will look a year from now when Android could potentially be on a dozen phones on a multitude of carriers.

Thanks to Droideo for the tip.

  • chefgon

    All things considered, those numbers are pretty good. I'm doing my part to support Android, I've had my G1 since launch and I just bought my wife one yesterday, plus I'm working on a few applications to release for free on the Android Market. I love this OS, I hope that it continues to do well and its numbers see some big jumps once additional phones start releasing in a few months.

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