Flash on Android – Plenty Still Unknown

flash_unknown_androidAlright so the big news just came out yesterday regarding Flash on Android handsets.  While the first reaction is to get super excited about the prospects, we have to step back and look at all the stuff we don’t know yet.

Just who is the “global, tier-one carrier” that is referred to in the press release? Smart money says it’s T-Mobile as they are a global brand, and to date, the only US carrier to offer Android.

What version of Flash are we looking at? It could be a full desktop-like version since the web browser is among the most capable. On the other hand, we could be looking at something altogether different. A key phrase in the press release is Adobe Flash technology. That could essentially mean anything at this point.

There is no indication as to when to expect this to happen.  The official word from Adobe was to expect Flash Player 10 by the end of the year, so one might assume BSQUARE brings it sometime before that.  On the other hand, it’s rumored that Adobe was having a tough time doing it themselves and are using BSQUARE to handle this for them.

We also don’t know whether or not existing devices will get a software update.  We’d sure like to think that a simple download will be available to give G1 users Flash, but that remains to be seen.

So as anxious as Android fans might be, yesterday’s announcement is only one step in that direction.

  • eroldan

    Well i would much like to think that G1 owners would get the update. But the reality is, that if they (company) can push it with the "G2" they might as well have people buy a newer phone just to make some money. Though i would say that G1 owners (like myself) deserve this on their phone. It would make them look very sterling in my opinion.

  • ISaac

    They better put flash on the G1.. If they don't alot of people will be unhappy. Regardless though, even if they don't, the G1 users will find a way to get it on there, even if it is through other means.

  • TareX

    The reason I'm not excited is because they gave the similar announcement for every other OS, so if anything, I'm worried Android's could possibly fall back… (i mean Google itself released Google Earth for the iPhone only)

  • Scott Webster

    True, but the mobile engineering team that creates apps is not the same one who made Android. They have to create products and services for platforms individually, and at the time, Apple was further along. "However, Google insists that the new OS won't be given any preferential treatment by the developers of its mobile applications. "The mobile team is separate from the Android team," Google's mobile engineering director, Ann Mei Cheng said at a briefing at the company's London headquarters. "Android is just another device for us. We will certainly make sure that Google products run as well on Android as anything else." ” target=”_blank”>http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/196995/android-wont-g…

  • TareX

    Yes… back when they said that, I told myself they are just being "diplomatic", not wanting to piss off their Aple shareholders (Google has many), but when Google Earth was released first (and till now, exclusively) for the iPhone, I really knew they MEANT it… It's really bad publicity. It's like the iPhone is a lot more worthy of the development effort than Android. If all Android devs took this path, we wouldn't have any apps…. But again, it's been "around' that Adobe's flash plugin has been prepared and ready for quite a time, and it's Apple who was against it…. As for webOS, well, it's called webOS… so Android could be a likely candidate for the "last one to get flash"…. i sure hope not.

  • Thomas520

    Thats kinda of a bummer to hear Scott. Personally, one thing that had me excited about the G1 was the google stamp on it. I am sure over time, we will see more things from google, but its sad that they as well as Adobe havent pushed "their" hardware on (anything) they could get their hands on….. in this day and age, every percent of the market helps….. even if it is only 5%.

  • FJG

    I just notice that the Market has Android7 Flash Player by dotphone. Is that even trustworthy? I was looking through the comments and they weren't good.