HTC Magic Passes FCC, One Step Closer


It happened.  Just like we hoped it would.  The HTC Magic is officially coming stateside.  No more worrying about whether Vodafone is going to be the only carrier in the world to get this handset.  In reality, nobody really expected them to be the only provider.  It’s just nice to see something more concrete than rumors.

There’s no question now as to who is going to carry this phone.  Look right there at the top, under the earpiece… T-Mobile.  That will likely mean two Android handsets on Big Magenta before anyone else gets their first.  We’re looking right at you Sprint.  Seriously. Android is where it’s at, not Palm.  Anyways…

Here are a couple of specs to go with the pictures:

What’s the phone going to be called?  Is it Sapphire?  Will it be HTC Magic?  Our money is on G2.  It’s a natural name for follow up.  We’ve know for quite some time now that they own the domain name right to on through Further, if ya snoop around in the US Trademark website, you’ll see that T-Mobile filed for trademarks to “G2″  back in October.


Thanks to everyone who sent the tips in almost on top of each other!

  • Mike

    asian countries please eheheh

  • JaXX

    It's as close as it could get to the G2 we're getting in a month in France. You just have more MegaPixels and a better President than us! (We have girls and good wine though, not that Californian wine isn't worth the trip 🙂 )

  • Jeremy

    That's the G2? You have got to be kidding me!! What a waste!

  • TareX

    yeah…. agreed. But it is DEFINITELY the G2… you can see it here in the youtube video of Google's gmail demo ” target=”_blank”>…

  • Jeremy

    I know you know of the HTC Star and HTC Superstar as well as the Archos Android that are coming out. I just wish they would make the HTC phones Android phones instead of using WM 7.5 which is only skin deep. Everything else about it is the same. The specs on the HTC Superstar look fantastic! Oh yeah! And the firestone phone looks pretty cool too! Hopefully that will be an Android phone as well. I gues time will tell, huh? 🙂

  • Dariog78

    5mpx Camera??? This Htc Magic is only for American users or for the Europe?

  • JaXX

    we're getting 3.2Mp in France in a few weeks 🙁

  • Dariog78

    It's not right for Europe's consumers, the devices should be only to differentiate for the frequencies… Htc in this way make a big mistake!!! 🙁

  • Que

    @Dariog What do you mean this phone is coming to Vodafone like next month. It was launched at the MWC in Feb. This is great news to the U.S. as we didn't know for sure if this phone was actually coming stateside and then to which carrier. Personally I though Big Verizon would pick it up secretly, but hey T-Mobile can really make a run for the number 2 spot with their onslaught of G phones. Now lets just get that 3G and signal strength up to par and we are good. I'm happy to see UMA capability something that should have been in the G1, but Google and Grand Central are handing out lessons in that arena. At least T-Mob isn't late to the game with android itself.

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