Sweeter Home Gives me a Sugar Buzz (VIDEO)

sweeter_homeI’ve been dying to get Sweeter Home to run on my G1.  I came across this app a few weeks ago and have tried to get it to work  off and on.  The problem seems to be with whatever version (v.15) is currently in the Android Market.  Browsing through the comments, it seems like I am not the only one to run into this.

Nevertheless, I’d love to show you just what it is that is attracting me to it.  Here’s a pair of videos I came across this weekend that give a quick glimpse into its potential.

Have any of you been able to get Sweeter Home to work?  If so, how do you like it?

EDITOR NOTE: We’ve been in touch with the guys over at Sweeter Home who might be hooking us up with a sneak look at a more stable release!

  • Lemon

    Hi team, glad you liek the vids. I started making themes as soon as I got hold of Sweeter and the Dev has kindly offered me to be included in private release Candidate beta testing. I came up with an idea for "sringboarding" folders open, and the dev of Sweeter Home has taken it and ran with it making spring boards work with any tray object you add to your layout. It works really well and looks really cool! Hopefully all the Sweeter Home users out there will start SHARING their layouts more and really make use of 0.16's improved image handling — maybe I can share my Matrix theme now 🙂 — and drop the springboards in cool places! Stay tuned!!!

  • JLL

    WOW! Now this one I really like. Its fast and haven't had any bugs with it yet. dxTop and aHome are cool but it didn't quite fit my needs. I love how Sweeter Home can be customized to fit me without having to pay for someone else's idea of what my G1 should look like. Don't get me wrong some of them are nice but I like being able to change it on the fly. The SMS widget is really nice although I prefer to have them threaded, different icon packs, more widgets but I'm not complaining because I couldn't do an iota of what you devs are doing. This G1 is really bringing out the best creative minds out there. Please keep up the great work! I'd pay for this in an instant.

  • Shaneaus

    I have been using SweeterHome for several weeks. I have kept adjusting my layout over and over. You can pretty much do anything you want as far as Theme integration with this program. You can have layers with your wallpaper in the background, then links, then a smaller image in the foreground. You can set the color using tri color bar settings with another bar to set transparencies. Multiple app trays, an application grid replacement, etc. The possibilities are limitless. I have run into VERY few issues. Although one issue is fairly large it is something that the SweeterHome staff has assured that they are working hard on. Seems that when Android calls images up it pulls up the whole image prior to resizing. This uses up a LOT of memory. So, making trays with images doesn't work quite so smoothly right now. But, SweeterHome is working on that. The person who did the Matrix layout got around this by compressing all of his images before saving them on his phone. Besides that one issue this app ROCKS! IMHO it is so much better than the other options at this time. If you play around with it just keep in mind that to create home screen shortcuts (like to direct calls/texts) you need to do that within an app tray. Also, keep in mind that if you like a certain color/transparency for one app tray you can copy/paste that color into another app tray. SweeterHome is working on having Global Settings so you don't have to set each tray individually. You can also have totally separate layouts for Landscape mode! Can't say enough. I use themes on my phone and with this app I can make my home screens match the Android OS theme of my choice EXACTLY.

  • TareX

    Sweeterhome is amazing. The sky's the limit with what you can do. It will be for hardcore consumers only, though. Amazing… I can't believe the extent of the possibilities for the home screen with graphical accelaration 😀 BRAVO devs.

  • abrizz

    This is going to make me buy the HTC Magic when it arrives. Or whichever other android phone makes it to the market in Europe. I can't belive why it should be so hard for phonemakers to sell their phones unlocked so that they can be used in markets they haven't targeted yet. Anyway I love the flexibility in this. It reminds me of "Gdesk" for UIQ that I have been using with my SE M600.

  • Stubbs

    This application is absolutely amazing. I am hoping to have enough time to help contribute via themes and/or coding

  • tcb

    Amazing. I'm curious as to how much or little this drains the battery. I have yet to install any of the home screen programs and I'm hesitating simply due to battery concerns. Any ideas?

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