Android Home Replacements

dark_risingHere’s a quick look at the home replacements available for Android. I’ve already done reviews – written or video – of dxTop, aHome, and Open Home over at PhoneDog. I’ll do one for Sweeter Home, eventually – as it doesn’t get the thorough treatment it deserves in this video. A later version will demand a full review.

Here’s a photo showing the functionality of the Dark Rising theme I mention in the video. I think you can plan on hearing a lot more about Sweeter Home here on Android Guys as well as at PhoneDog. This one has huge potential.

  • Scott Webster

    Just a heads up regarding Sweeter Home… Your swipe has to come where there is no box or tray. It has to be based off the background. Ran into the same deal myself. Other than that, it does respond well to touch.

  • TareX

    I have to say, this video doesn't do justice to Sweeterhome…. I'm watching youtube videos like Phonedog recommended, I'm BLOWN AWAY… ” target=”_blank”> It will definitely take a lot of time to customize it for the first time, but then, the sky's the limit.

  • John Walton

    Yeah, I know I really didn't represent Sweeter Home well. I've saved a nice theme now, and will do a video review soon.

  • Lemon

    LOL! Yo man, that's my Sweeter theme, and my vid above, TareX. More vids coming out today. Dark Rising was created in 0.15 which doesn't save tray states. Hopefully that's fixed in 0.16 which I've been testing before the Dev releases it SOON! I made swipe areas to use design to get around the fact you can't swipe "over" trays right now. Sorry man, was a bit painful watching you scroll over the contact list for example, LOL 🙂 In that theme I left some real estate in a swipable area at the bottom of the three center screens, and on the sides in the top and bottom screens. Stay tuned for more! And hit up or XDA Dream forum for discussion!

  • John Walton

    Sorry to sell you short, Lemon. I've had time to play with and adjust Sweeter Home and Dark Rising now, and it's so great. I'll post a link here when I do a new review. Where can I get that Matrix theme?

  • John Walton

    Here is the (already outdated) Sweeter Home review. Check the description for links. ” target=”_blank”>

  • Jill

    Try aOS Launcher that was launched recently ( )
    It’s my favorite so far…

    Comes packed with iphone like dockbar and dock buttons and virtually unlimited app icon styles to choose from. Still quite lite on memory and good on speed.