March 27, 2015

Digital Airways Enables Rapid Porting of New Applications to Android with Kaleido UI Solution (VIDEO)

digital_airwaysThe race for home screen customization is on.  In the last few weeks, we’ve seen a handful of titles popping up, including Sweeter Home, dxTop, and aHome.  As developers get more involved in what Android’s main screen can look like, tweaks and desktop hacks are sure to grow.  But what about seeing Android’s looks changed at an OEM level?

Digital Airways has announced the availability of the Kaleido solution for the Android platform.  Handset manufacturers and applications vendors can now take application development beyond the basic Android architecture with this UI “bridging” technology.

Check out a couple of videos of how Kaleido looks and works.  This first video shows it in action, running on a G1.

This next video shows developers creating a new original phonebook application for Android and Windows Mobile in twenty minutes.

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  1. TareX

    Isn't that the idea of the TouchWiz UI? tbh I never liked having a space occupying bar of all widget shortcuts always on the screen. It would be better if you had to long press to bring then choose the widgets you want…. unless I got it wrong.

  2. Sameer

    The development time frame looks interesting; where can the solution be downloaded from


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