G1 Tethering App Yanked From Market

night_police_lightsSomething tells me that the developer behind this app is going to get more notice now than ever before.  Google has pulled WiFi Tether for Root Users from the Android Market for violating the Developer Distribution Agreement.

Google enters into distribution agreements with device manufacturers and Authorized Carriers to place the Market software client application for the Market on Devices. These distribution agreements may require the involuntary removal of Products in violation of the Device manufacturer’s or Authorized Carrier’s terms of service.

It sounds like Google offered up a pretty fair amount of control to the carriers involved in the Open Handset Alliance in exchange for joining.  Maybe an app kill switch was part of the carrot that was dangled in front of T-Mobile. 

Your Data Plan is intended for Web browsing, messaging, and similar activities on your device and not on any other equipment. Unless explicitly permitted by your Data Plan, other uses, including for example, tethering your device to a personal computer or other hardware, are not permitted. – T-Mobile terms of service

Ok fair enough.  T-Mobile says you are not allowed to do it.  Perhaps the carriers have a final say in what apps are allowed in the Android Market and will loose the Google hounds on developers who don’t play by the rules. What really gets me is that this app was not for everybody.  It required root access of your G1 in order to work.

A door closes, a window opens.

Like I said above, the app is likely to get more traction now than it previously was.  One advantage over Apple’s App Store is that the Market is not the sole place for users to get Android apps.  In fact, developers don’t even have to go through the Android Market to sell their wares.  It’s possible that by pulling this app from the Market, T-Mobile and Google might be shedding a light on tethering capability as a whole.  If I was the developer, I’d make the app readily available from a personal blog or Rapidshare account just because I could.

Thanks for the tip Andon!

  • jay jay

    has all tethering apps been yank from the market or just this one? i can no longer find the one i use on the market (tether wifi)

  • Jemimus

    This is a breach of trust. We trusted (with our money) that Google would hold true to its own ideals and keep this platform open. I don't blame google so much as the mobile carriers who continue to bury their heads in the sand. Its a loose-loose situation. They (the carriers) make the majority of their own users suffer by restricting them, and they themselves will loose out in the end because of that. The more they erode the trust of their own users, the more those users will educate themselves and take matters into their own hands. They just added one more reason to jailbrake the G1. Congratulations carriers, way to go. ( to be clear: I understand very well that you can install these applications on a non-jailbroken phone, outside of the marketplace. The point is, how long until the next firmware update stops us from doing -that- too? )

  • Andon

    They tried with RC33 to close the root issue, but I doubt they can completely stop it. =]

  • Andon

    Yes, this and aNetShare.

  • jay jay

    does this mean we will no longer receive updates for tethering apps we've purchase through the market?

  • AndroidDeveloper

    Even though I am new to Android Technology, I was wondering why would you use "root" access for this kind of app. An Android app using Java net API will let you open sockets and bluetooth API should let you connect to your laptop. All you need is to write a simple proxy for you laptop to route Internet data through the bluetooth. Unless I am (most probably) missing something…

  • skurtis

    The greed of these thieving companies is insatiable. They haven't learned anything from the current economic disaster. Few days ago a news reported that we pay upwards of 75 cents per minutes average for air-time (Ya if you count all those unused minutes) and they charge another $30 for crappy Data Plan. But consumer has no power any more. FCC happily lets them get away with this !

  • Moekazi

    The only people i see burying their heads in the sand are users who feel entitled to everything and that businesses are out to screw them. WTF do you think would happen when people started canceling their home broadband to use their tethered G1? What's going to happen when the netiots out there start Bit Torrenting over 3G? I'll tell you what. T-Mobile customers calls them up bitching about how they can't see the latest Twitter about which cat haz cheezeburger while ignoring the person they're supposed to be having lunch with. No one promised you the world. That's not what you get when you sign your contract. There's other people in the world to. Oh, and the consumer still has the ultimate power. If you don't like it. Don't buy it. They're not stealing the money from you. YOUR GIVING IT TO THEM! When someone is giving you their money, that's not greed. You can't get your bacon double cheeseburger for a regular hamburger price? Awww, too bad. They prolly can't make a bacon double cheeseburger for a regular hamburger price. Get it, yet? .

  • skurtis

    Ouch ! pretty hurt ehh ? Guess you must be working for a cell company. That $30 is for a measly 5 GB of data. So I already overpaid for it. Now how i eat is my business. Whether I tether it or twitt on my phone shouldn't be T-mobile (or any carrier's) business. FCC sold public airwaves to greedy corps, and now we pay 75 cents a minute in 21st century… If that's fair to you, i guess you wouldn't mind being enslaved either…

  • Suburban

    "The only people i see burying their heads in the sand are users who feel entitled to everything and that businesses are out to screw them." Damn all these whining customers who let these businesses make only a few tens of Billion Dollars every year, and not the Trillions which these businesses feel they were entitled to make. And for your "Don't like, don't buy" argument, as if there is a genuine choice. The government has long-ago sold out this country to corporate interests. By-the-way, howz that free market working for you lately ?


    OMG man, seriously?? who the freak uses there G1 tether to download torrents, i sure don't! I use mine while traveling as a passenger in the car and where i don't get access. At my house I get 12mb DL speeds on a separate floor from the router…why on earth would i use 3G when it is only 900mb???? c'mon, i highly doubt people are tethering there G1 to save money at home because Comcast charges to much. I for one am glad I found the app before it was yanked, its all about convenience and accessibility. The point is when I am told I get unlimited access to data i intend to use it!

  • Al Sutton

    You can always get updates from the developers site (” target=”_blank”>http://android.a0soft.com/?url=aNetShare.htm) or, if the developer chose to list their app on them, via one of the market alternatives such as AndAppStore, SlideME, etc.

  • Watching The Watcher

    <img src="http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/listen_to_yourself.png"</img&gt; This goes for all of you tbh

  • Watching the watcher

    Bleh, no html posting, visit the link 😛

  • Moekazi

    You are the slave. You feel so compelled to buy a phone that you're willing to overpay to get it. It's a leash that you've willingly put on yourself. Or am i mistaken? Did someone put a gun to your head and make you buy it? If you're so bent out of shape about the airwaves, you should have bought them. Prolly woulda worked out better for everyone if you did because you apparently would have given it away for free. You'd call a corporation greedy if they kept wanting more without giving anything in return. Take a look in the mirror. You want a whizbang phone that does everything and you want to pay nothing for it. If anyone is greedy, it is you. Go start a business of your own and get some perspective.

  • Moekazi

    The free market is working great for me. I didnt like the G1, so i didn't buy one. Now i only have to put up with listening to people whine about it… instead of whining about it myself. You need to learn the difference between Net and Gross. Also, they are putting their money out, win or lose, and taking risk. They can make a lot or they can lose a lot. Just take a look at Motorola, Nextel, etc. It's a lot different than collecting a paycheck (unemployment, disability, or SS). Maybe you'd understand it better if your paycheck matched your company's performance? Hey, we're down 33% this year…so is your paycheck. Have fun paying your mortgage. Weee! If you really feel jipped about companies making millions of dollars, stop giving them millions of dollars. See how that works? Oh, and you do have a choice. Go buy something else or nothing at all. Hey, that's two choices! Lucky you.

  • Moekazi

    Hey, you wouldn't Torrent over it, but others would. Everyone doesn't have a great broadband at home. Those that do would wonder why they're paying for broadband AND a 3G connection, drop broadband, and spend the $40/month they save on more Starbucks. Really, why would anyone keep DSL? They'd have the G1 for phone and broadband. These people would be saving around $100/month. You don't think that'd be enough motivation for people to 3G instead? I guess i sorta see your point, though. I mean if you rent a car, you're supposed to abuse the hell out of it until it barely runs. Who cares if everyone else who uses it gets a piece of junk, and it costs the rental company a bunch of money. They shouldn't have rented it to you if they didn't expect that.

  • skurtis

    You still don't get the point. Once I pay for a service (infact overpay. $30 for 5GB vs $49 for unlimited 8Mbps connection from comcast), why would T-mobile insist that I use it only on my cell-phone. This is like buying a cheeseburger and the store insisting I must eat inside and not take it out to eat in my car). "If you're so bent out of shape about the airwaves, you should have bought them" – thats so childish coming out from a grown-up. The air-waves are public – govt sold almost all of it to privileged few (getting big bucks). But govt didn't put conditions on the carriers – and of course corps are greedy enough to make maximum out of it. And by the way I bought my phone paying full price, not with an enslaved contract from a cell company.

  • skurtis

    "Go start a business of your own and get some perspective." — I have a business of my own and we only make 20% on cost unlike your thieving cell companies making 200%. Hey, but why am I wasting my time arguing with some corporate jerk…

  • Derreck

    Its funny you'r complaining about people saving $100. Isn't that a good thing ? What's funnier is you'r complaining about people will actually use the 3G service. Isn't that the idea behind buying a product or service so I would use it too. So T-mobile only wants people to pay for its services and is mad that people are using it also. WOW ! Anyway with or without that app, people will still be able or tether the phone and T-mobile can do nothing about it.


    I see what your saying, however, a 3G phone that is tethered could never replace your home interwebs…maybe in the future when it begins to get faster then yes. LOL i love what Derreck said. You want us to pay for the data we are using but were not allowed to use it….thanks tmo haha

  • where can i get the update?

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